Aug 8, 2011

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4 Unique Places to Experience Glamping

Glamping is the new term for glamorous ‘camping’ and it’s a growing trend all over the world. Traditionally, travel guides suggest that the stereotypical view of camping should be rough sleeping arrangements, do-it-yourself toilets and mosquito bites (list not exhaustive), but this is starting to die out thanks to the new ‘glamping’ phenomenon.

When we think of camping we think of a budget experience with very limited luxuries, however looking at some of the ‘glamping’ campsites and their quirky offerings this is far from the truth.
Fashionable campsites are springing up all over the place and in hot destinations such as Thailand and Colorado where there is always a list of holidaymakers eager to make a reservation. Glamping holidays are the perfect way to combine natural surroundings and creature comforts, an excellent holiday choice for those wanting to escape the city life.
If you are looking for a camping break that is different and offers you a new experience, then ‘glampsites’ are definitely worth a visit. We’ve reviewed a few here:

The best of the Glampsites

Koh Kong
Koh Kong is the world’s first floating campsite situated on the Cambodian-Thailand border and is set against the backdrop of mountains, amid lush jungle. Visitors to the site have the incredible experience of staying in a traditional Khmer stilt house on the Tatai River. Floating walkways join the 12 individual tents to a central pontoon and it is only available by boat. A cool restaurant and library is also available onsite.
There are a huge variety of activities available around the campsite including kayaking and trekking.
For those wanting to switch off and completely let go, you cannot get better than a campsite that is situated by the soothing, cooling waters of the Tatai River.


Yurts Holidays in Devon
Completely wind down and experience camping with a difference close to the remarkable coastline of glorious Devon. Adapted from Mongolian and Central Asian styled portable structures; these Devonian Yurts are a sturdy alternative to tents, made up of a round canvas and a circular dome roof.
Each Yurt has up to five beds along with kitchen areas that even include a two ring cooker. Kick back on cushions and rugs around a burning stove and make the most of the starry nights. Yurts are usually lit up by fairy lights and lanterns, providing a romantic setting. Definitely a unique retreat for happy campers!

Tepees in Wales
Stay in your very own tepee, situated within the Welsh mountains surrounded by stunning scenery. The bonus of staying on this tepee site is that you are situated amongst 50 acres of sprawling countryside, ensuring you have your own space and are able to get away from screaming kids and noisy neighbours. Eco retreats reconnect you with nature and enable you to feel the rhythms of the environment. The Guardian quoted “Does life get any greener than this?” on reviewing this particular glamping experience.

Retro Caravans
The Isle of Wight vintage vacations take you back to the days of flower power and peace. The campsite offers retro camping, ranging from a tin tabernacle to a wooden fully equipped shack. Caravans date back to the 1946 and most are from the 1950’s – 1960’s era. This is an experience perfect for those wanting to switch off from the digital world and absorb the vintage culture.


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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the great post, especially like the floating campsite in Thailand.

    I’m not sure that I agree with the concept of Glamping in my opinion camping is about getting closer to nature while getting farther away from the nearest hot shower.

  2. Amy Sana says:

    wow I love the retro caravan idea., got to book one of them and head back to flower power days :)

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