Jul 10, 2012

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5 Outstanding Holiday Rentals for the Rich

Luxury isn’t necessarily a function of price, right? In any case, the most attractive options in terms of holiday accommodations will usually bare a hefty price tag. In that sense – if you’re looking for the best holiday rentals money can get, this article will provide a quick reference.
Here, we have compiled some of the most exclusive and luxurious villas on the holiday accommodation market, as of 2012. Read through, dream on, and if you can afford it… by all means go for it, and enjoy your high class holidays in one of these heavenly places.

Xemxija Penthouse (Malta)

From the options detailed on the present list, this is the only you can rent for fewer than £1,000/week. Not to say it’s in any way inadequate, though – even if you happen to be of royal blood. Located in the outskirts of St.Paul’s Bay, Malta’s trendy high-class touristic resort, the Xemxija Penthouse features stunning views of the surrounding hills and sea views. Inside, you will find all the amenities you would hope for, including a nice Jacuzzi set up in the main balcony. There are three rooms in this lovely penthouse, and its relative isolation (2 miles from the nearest beach) makes it perfect for anyone seeking absolute quiet.


Woolshaw Castle (England)

Assuming you feel inclined towards splurging, you may as well go all out and rent a castle for your holidays. There are plenty of holiday castles and palaces in the UK, but one of the most impressive we’ve seen is located in Cumbria, within the Northern Region of the Lakes. This exquisite holiday accommodation is notable for its creative integration of a contemporary interior design upon a medieval frame, and features all the modern comforts you’d hope for – including an ample swimming pool that can be accessed from both the interior as well as the exterior. There are 5 double rooms here, and the price is around £9,000 per week.


Whispering Waters Villa (Jamaica)

From the various luxury Villas located in the prestigious “Millionaire’s Row” of Discovery Bay, Jamaica, Whispering Waters is one of the largest and arguably the most appealing. Located right in front of a glorious Caribbean beach, this 2-story, 7-suite extravaganza includes a full staff (including a butler), and even private SPA treatments are available upon request. The indoors look absolutely stunning, with ample, well-lit rooms, high ceilings and tasteful decorations. All this comes with a matching price, of course: depending on the season, you can expect to pay somewhere between £10,000 to €20,000 / week.


Necker Island (Virgin Islands)

An iconic property of Sir Richard Branson (owner of Virgin Group Ltd), Necker Island currently operates as a premium holiday resort for the affluent. With an area of over 74 acres, the island is mostly surrounded with coral reefs and blissful quietude. Within its heart (the so-called “Devil’s Hill”), there is an impressive construction that seemingly protrudes from the bedrock. Inside this gorgeous house that Mr. Branson originally built for himself, there is a glamorous dining room that sits 26 people, and enough rooms to accommodate the same number of visitors. The staff count in this extravagant holiday rental is perennially higher than the guest count, as to ensure the highest possible service quality. As such, it should not come as a surprise that renting Necker island will cost upwards of £250,000 per week.


Superyacht TV (French Riviera)

If perchance you assumed the previous item was the most extravagantly expensive holiday rental in the world – that is not the case. A closer candidate can be found in the charter yachts available in the French Riviera, the most striking of which is known as “Superyacht TV”. With enough room for accommodating 12 guests across 9 superbly decorated cabins, this vessel is unmatched in terms of grandeur. From a private balcony to a Jacuzzi area, including a health spa and beauty salon, sauna, cinema room, massage room and gymnasium, this is a veritable floating palace to which words can do no justice. The cost is comparable to a king’s ransom, too – with weekly charter fees in the vicinity of £750,000.
Does that sound alluring? In any case, you should keep in mind there are all types of holiday rentals in the market, suitable for all kinds of budgets. Also, do remember the real treasure is not where you stay for the holidays – but whom you’re staying with.


Pedro Cardoso is a writer and collaborator to UKHolidayPlaces.

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