Feb 9, 2012

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7 best theme parks with the kids

Taking the children on an adventurous theme park excursion could be one of the best holiday ideas possible. These parks have everything a child needs to have a good time, and the adults will enjoy the atmosphere and the plethora of activities also. Fortunately, there are quite a few choices to pick from if you want to go to a theme park with your kids in the UK. The following 7 theme parks are all great parks to consider

Alton Towers

Check out Alton Towers first. The premiere theme park in the UK is located in Staffordshire. The signature rollercoaster at Alton Towers is Nemesis – which has been voted one of the best coasters in the world on numerous occasions, and is also home to Oblivion, Rita, Air and Th13rteen. Oblivion climbs to 65ft, before dangling riders over a 180ft drop at an angle of 88° at nearly 70mph. If you’re looking to stay in the area, Alton Towers has its own hotel or alternatively you can rent one of the local villas for your stay. The park operates from 10AM until 5PM. For less than £20, you can gain entrance to one of the premiere parks in the world.

Nemesis at Alton Towers


Thorpe Park

Second on our list is Thorpe Park. This theme park is located in Chertsey, Surrey. Thorpe Park’s best ride is the Nemesis Inferno; made by Bolliger & Mabillard who also make the Nemesis ride at Alton Towers.  Despite the queues, the ride lasts around two minutes but you’ll hit a G force of 4.5 as you ride through interlocking corkscrews, loops and a zero-G roll. The Colossus, The Tidal Wave, The Stealth, and Loggers Leap are some of the other popular rides at Thorpe Park. Hours of operation are from 10AM until 5/6PM. Children under twelve can get in for about £31, whilst adult tickets are around £38.


Chessington World of Adventures Park

Situated in South West London, Chessington World of Adventures has different themed areas; each with their own different rides and attractions. The most popular mini-parks are The Forbidden Kingdom, The Pirates Cove, The Land of the Dragons and Transylvania.

Also at Chessington is a zoo which is home to over 1000 animals including lions, tigers, gorillas, a sea life centre, and a sea lion enclosure where there are performances throughout the day.

Sea Lions at Chessington Zoo

Tickets are around £28 for children under 12 and £38 for children over 12 and adults. Operating hours are usually 10AM until 5/6PM in the evening.

Drayton Man0r

A family orientated theme park; Drayton Man0r has many rides and areas for Children, such as the Ben 10 ultimate mission; and Thomas Land – a 6000sq metre area of the park dedicate to Thomas the tank engine, with 12 of it’s own rides and separate play areas.

For older park goers, there’s Europe’s only stand up rollercoaster; Shockwave; which features an 80ft drop at 53mph.

Shockwave: Europe’s only stand up rollercoaster

Drayton Manner also has it’s own zoo featuring penguins, parrots, tigers, lions and apes.


LEGOLAND Windsor is a kid’s theme park based on the LEGOLAND parks around the world. There are over 55 rides and attractions for kids aged 3-12, including the wavessurfer, dino safari, rocket races, and water based rides such as extreme team challenge, and Atlantis submarine voyage where passengers ride a yellow submarine underwater to lookout for over 50 species of fish, and some strategically placed LEGO models. For more info check out the full list of LEGOLAND rides.

The usual opening hours are 10AM until 5PM in the evening. The prices for admission range from £31 for children and £41 for adults.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island is free to enter, however you’ll have to pay for different coloured wristbands based on your age and height so staff know if to allow you on their rides or not.

There are 5 rollercoasters in the park: Green Scream, Barnstormer, Mighty Mini Mega, Kiddi Koaster, and Rage; which cost around £3million to create.  Featuring a 75ft drop on a 97 degree angle; you’ll need plenty of bottle to ride. Check out the POV video of rage in action below:

In 2010, a new world record was set for the most naked people on a rollercoaster, when 102 people rode the green scream ride; with the proceeds raised from the event given to charity.

The opening time is 11AM and closing times are variable at different times of the season, but the park will likely always be open until at least 5PM.

Twinlakes Theme Park

A kids theme park, Twinlakes features a zoo, a rooster farm, the Excalibur adventure zone with slides, castles for children to climb on and a small assault course.  If your kids like getting soaking wet then they should head to the Susanoo splash zone, a small waterpark with slides, pools and a black hole drop into the water. For more information on Twinlakes, check out their website.

The hours of operation are from 10AM until 6PM and prices are about £15 per ticket.

The UK has plenty of amazing attractions for the entire family to enjoy. Several parks comprise one of the best countries for theme parks in the world, and your holiday ideas could include trips to see them. The amount of fun and adventure available in the UK is unmatched by any other country in the world, so pick a park, rent villas, and have a great time.


  1. I refuse to pay £38 each for both me & hubby to get into a park when we are only taking our 3 year old to go on a few baby rides. This is a complete joke. Something should be done to stop this as it is such a rip off. I mean almost £80 for me & Hubby PLUS £31 odd for my daughter to go a a few baby rides!!!!!!!!!!! This is without petrol, food, parking etc etc! So many people just cannot afford a day out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only place I now go is Adventure Island, Southend because we purchased a wrist band for about £10 then because she is under a certain height, one of us parents can ride with her free!! WELL DONE ADVENTURE ISLAND, thumbs up!!!!!! More places should do this!

    • You should try Gulliver’s World in Warrington! We went last year, the prices are very reasonable, and they do sleepover and family packages too where you get your accommodation and attractions and activities included. My daughter was 5 and my son was 1 1/2 yrs at the time, and they got on almost everything. They had a fantastic time, and we’re going back again this year

  2. You can usually get some good offers online for most of these places. Some offer 2 for 1 tickets for example.

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