Jan 6, 2012

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A winter trip to Niagara Falls with our Editor, Clare Francis

Our Site Editor, Clare Francis has just spent her New Year’s break visiting Niagara Falls and took some stunning images of Canada’s most recognised natural phenomenon. Clare crossed the US/Canadian border several times and visited all three falls; Bridal Veil, Canadian Horseshoe and the American Falls during her stay. As you’ll see from her pictures, the volume of water crashing over the brink is mindblowing – the Horseshoe Falls have 2.2m litres of water tumbling over every second. The Niagara River then flows on into America’s Great Lakes, which constitutes 20% of the earth’s freshwater, most of which flows over Niagara’s Falls!

Amazing View of Niagara Falls
My first view of the thunderous Niagara Falls was breathtaking but nothing compared to the views I’d witness across the border in Canada.

This way to Canada
I suggested to my fellow travellers that we should walk into Canada and was promptly reminded that we’d all need 50c to get back into the USA.

Niagara in December cold but impressive
While the majority of tourists visit Niagara’s spectacular cascade in the summer months, Niagara Falls in December had a unique appeal. True, it was freezing cold but the crispness of the air and the winter hues eminating from the spray were amazing. Apparently during a super cold snap, parts of the falls can actually freeze!

Great view from the Skylon Restaraunt at Niagara Falls, Canada
A restaurant with a view – the vista from the Skylon Restaurant on the Canadian side of the falls.

Niagara Falls Mist
There’s no way you’d get me going over there in a barrel! I do remember in the movie Superman II, Superman himself flying down into the 165ft chasm to rescue a young child.

better than a rainbow Niagara lightshow
The advantage of visiting Niagara Falls in winter is that you don’t have to stay late to see it lit up at night.

Niagara Falls on crisp winters day
And finally, one word…Wow!

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