Nov 22, 2010

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Advice for David Cameron for a Budget Winter Sun Holiday

Harry LawranceMy second favourite coalition government leader David Cameron has announced today that he plans to cancel his impending holiday to Thailand, as he fears that it may be seen as ‘extravagant’ given the number of spending cuts the country has endured recently and the austere times we currently find ourselves in, as the world tries to fight its way out of recession. Instead Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha plan to stay at home this Christmas.

A typical Thai beach

It’s reported that the Cameron’s had planned to stay in a luxury resort in Phuket, where the best rooms cost in the region of £1,000 per night. I would agree that does appear a tad extravagant. Clearly the government cuts aren’t hitting the Cameron’s too hard personally.

I would doubt that anyone in the country would begrudge the Cameron’s a family holiday this Christmas time; after all he’s no doubt had an extremely busy and stressful year. However I think he’s right to curtail his travel spending when it’s in this price bracket, which is totally out of touch with the average person and borders on the extortionate. It seems that Mr Cameron was really planning to splash out, as this sort of holiday price tag would normally be reserved for the footballers and pop stars of this world. And obviously as MP’s now need to be squeaky clean, Mr Cameron would be unable to claim any of the cost back as expenses.

To be fair to Dave, the objections to him travelling to Thailand are not just about the price, they are also political – as it may suggest to some that Cameron supports the recent crackdowns on pro-democracy demonstrators.

So to help the prime minister out, here are some of my suggestions where he and his family could go this Christmas for a great holiday that won’t break the bank and won’t cause a political storm:

The Canary Island of Tenerife enjoys a pleasant year round climate, with the average daily temperature in December maxing out at around 22 degrees centigrade. I’ve compared flights to Tenerife in December departing from London, and found prices from as little as £82 pp with Ryanair. After all, EasyJet was good enough for Peter Mandelson last August.

The average temperature in Egypt in December is a very agreeable 27 degrees. Mr Cameron could perhaps pay a visit to Hurgarda or Sharm el Sheikh and spend the day’s snorkelling in the Red Sea. The damage? DC should expect to pay in the region of £350 per person for 7 nights in 4 star accommodation.

The playground of billionaires can hit a sweltering 31 Degrees in December. The Cameron’s could indulge in a little shopping at the Dubai mall – with 1,200 shops it’s the world’s largest mall. Or perhaps they could jump in a 4×4 for a desert safari? A week’s holiday to Dubai in 5 star accommodation in December will see Dave having to shell out around £800 per person.

The UK
Perhaps David could “fire up the Quattro” and take the family on a UK break? He could pump his holiday pounds into the UK economy with a Christmas trip to Edinburgh to potter around the traditional German Christmas market, where stallholders from Frankfurt set up shop from 25th November until Christmas Eve. The Cameron’s could also partake in some Hogmanay celebrations including the Hogmanay Hootfest at The Stand comedy club. 5 star Accommodation in Edinburgh city centre will set Mr C back around £100 per night for a standard double (breakfast is not included for this price mind).

So there we go Mr Cameron, hopefully I’ve shown you that you don’t necessarily need to cancel your Christmas holiday plans entirely.

  1. Whitey says:

    Some thai people dont earn £1,000 in a year. To make up for this PR blunder, Cameron should go and volunteer in real Thailand then he’d realise just exactly how ‘extravagant’ his original plans were.

  2. Hey I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have good views, Keep up the good informative info :)

  3. It would be great to see the Cameron’s, and other politicians, on a budget holiday in the UK. But it would only be a PR stunt, so would be difficult to take as a serious gesture.

  4. Rob Smith says:

    Was he seriously going to spend £1000 a night on a resort in Thailand?
    This is not only extremely insulting to the local people(as mentioned above many people there don’t even earn that in a year) but you can get rooms for less than £10 a night in Thailand.

    Plus the fact that food starts from less than £1 a meal and if he gets a good deal on flights he can have a reasonably cheap holiday.

    You do not need to spend £100’s on accommodation, it is only to sleep in. Live begins when you realise how meaningless materialism is

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