Jan 10, 2012

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10 of Britain’s Best Weekend Walks

This is a guest post written by Anna Lisinki from the Telegraph

If you are feeling a bit guilty following a Christmas splurge on rich food and alcohol, then make weekend walking a New Year’s resolution. We are spoilt in Britain with an abundance of parks, lakes and forests right on our doorsteps just waiting to be explored. After a stressful week in the office, a good ramble through some fields or a saunter around a lake is enough to clear even the foggiest of minds.

Take a look at the following walking destinations to get you out of the house this winter, and taking in some of Britain’s wildlife.

Box Hill, Surrey
Starting off in Surrey, Box Hill offers fantastic views of the south coast with a number of short walks to choose from of around 2.5 hours. Due to the uneven terrain, it may be an idea to attempt this walk on a clear and dry day.

Box Hill, Surrey

Box Hill, Surrey

Kenidjack coast, Cornwall
Heading down to the West Country, there are an abundance of walks to busy your weekend, or holiday with. The Kenidjack coast however, is worth a particular mention due to its historical and industrial significance.

Kilerton Front Park, Devon
Visit this Devon gem in spring and be surrounded by bluebells and the sounds of wildlife going about their daily chores.

Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire
An easy distance from the capital, Wimpole Estate offers a bit everything – views to die for, lakes, forests and stately gardens, not to mention gothic ruins.

Temple Sowerby, Cumbria
Often over-looked by walkers making their way to the Lake District, Temple Sowerby offers picture perfect villages and wildlife at your feet and the Acorn Bank estate is certainly a walk not to pass up on your visit to Cumbria.

The Gribin, Solva, Pembrokeshire
Take in the astonishing cliffs surrounding Solva Harbour and stretch your legs through the Pembrokeshire coast paths. On your way back, stop in on the village of Solva and appreciate paintings in the many art galleries housed there.

The Gribin, Solva

The Gribin, Solva

City of London – a Shakespeare tour
On a Sunday, the City of London is a different place, a lot quieter, and certainly an interesting place to visit as a tourist. For something a bit different take McDevitt’s psychogeographical tour of where Shakespeare spent much of his time writing and even living. London restaurants are also second to none when it comes to breadth and diversity, so grab a bite to eat after your walk in the capital.

Calke Park, South Derbyshire
To complete this circular hike of 2.2 miles allow about an hour to enjoy Calke Park and its ancient trees and deer shelter, which dates back to the 18th century.

Calke Park, South Derbyshire

Calke Park, South Derbyshire

Brancaster Staithe, Norfolk
Breathe in some sea air with this refreshing walk along the coast and get the camera out for views of the magnificent salt marshes, which can be seen along the way.

Buttermere, Lake District
No guide on the best walks in Britain would be complete without mentioning the Lake District, and Buttermere is an excellent short walk to embark on one weekend in spring. With views of the lakes from high peaks and bluebells at their base, this walk provides everything you would expect of a gander around this beautiful part of the country.

Buttermere, Lake District

Buttermere, Lake District


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  1. Lovely feature. Really enjoyed reading especially it covers many different parts of the UK even though lots of people reading this will be nowhere near any of them. For those people then, may i suggest a great site to find your nearest woodland walk – visitwoods.org.uk – you can upload your pictures there too!Thanks again for this lovely feature.

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