Jan 2, 2014

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What kind of holiday will Brits book in 2014?

Are you the average Brit or someone who likes to do something different with your holiday plans?

We surveyed more than 1,600 holidaymakers about their 2014 plans to discover what sort of breaks we will be taking this year.

Although the average British holidaymaker plans to fork out £617 on a 9.6 night break in a Spanish beach resort staying in self-catering accommodation, there are plenty of other destinations also on our wish-lists for 2014.

Here, we reveal the results of our research, which might provide anyone who’s yet to decide where to travel next year with some holiday inspiration…

Most popular holiday destinations

The research found that while Spain remains a popular option for Brits, fewer of us will be visiting the country in 2014 than in 2013 (12% vs. 14%) with more of us venturing to further afield destinations. Top choices for 2014 include the USA (7%) and Turkey (3%), while holidaymakers are 12% less likely to opt for a UK staycation than in 2013.

Statue of Liberty, New York

Statue of Liberty, New York

How much will we spend?

Setting a budget is important to all of us, particularly when it’s not just flights and accommodation to consider, but also insurance, spending money and possibly car hire. Holidaymakers tell us they plan to spend an average of £1,076 per person on their main break in 2014, including the cost of their holiday and the money they’ll need once they’re there. This is up £41 on last year’s average spend of £1,035.

A third of British holidaymakers surveyed admit they expect to spend more on this year’s holiday than on last year’s break, with a quarter of these having saved up specifically to afford a nicer holiday, and a further 23% having cut back on their 2013 getaway to pay for their 2014 holiday.

What kind of holidays are we taking?

Despite being a key part of what might be considered a traditional holiday, only 29% of British holidaymakers plan to hit the beach for their main break in 2014, compared to the 39% who chose a beach holiday in 2013.

Instead, this New Year, Brits are craving culture, history, shopping or entertainment overseas, with our research showing that city breaks are becoming more popular than ever.



How many breaks will we take?

Excluding those who have yet to decide, a quarter of those questioned said they are set to take two holidays in 2014 – the national average. But it appears our wanderlust is growing, with 70% of holidaymakers saying they are planning on taking two or more breaks in 2014, up 5% on last year.

When are we heading away?

The summer months of June, July and August are by far the most popular months to travel in 2014, with trips in June potentially inspired by this summer’s FIFA World Cup, which kicks off on June 12 in Brazil. A total of 4% of Brits surveyed revealed they plan to go to a destination with a good atmosphere to watch the tournament, while a further 4% claim the World Cup might inspire them to go to Brazil one day.

Self-catering the preferred option

Are you someone who loves a never-ending buffet, or do you prefer to eat out in the best restaurants – or just keep food costs to a minimum with self-catering?

Our research found the most popular type of board arrangement for main 2014 holidays is self-catering, with nearly 30% of us choosing this option. Going it alone is more than twice as popular as choosing an all-inclusive (13%) or bed and breakfast (12%) deal.

However, the trend of people looking to control costs while away is continuing to grow, with those booking all-inclusive breaks in 2014 set to rise by a further two percentage points compared to 2013.

Getting away from it all

The vast majority of holidaymakers book holidays to relax (59%). However, although relaxation is the main reason both men and women want to get away from it all, more women than men view holidays as an opportunity to enjoy valuable family time together.

Family on beach

Family on beach

So, what sort of holiday do you plan to take in 2014? Will you be trying somewhere new this year or returning to an old favourite? Whatever you decide, we wish you very Happy Holidays!

  1. I will be taking @ least 6 holidays 2014 winter egypt & old fav lanzarote spring old fav benidorm autumn salou

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