May 25, 2011

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Fear of Flying Courses – Combat Your Fear of Flying

With thousands of people suffering from a fear of flying, this psychological condition stops so many from enjoying holidays or visiting friends and relatives.

Combat your fear of flying then travel the world!

Combat your fear of flying then travel the world!

Those who suffer cite a wide range of things that they worry about. Some of the most common are;

* Lack of control
* Fear of heights or enclosed spaces
* Fear of the unknown
* Bad experiences in the past on previous trips

Yet there are ways you can deal with these and one of the best ways to tackle your fear is to take a one day course to help you on your way. These vary from tackling particular fears in a one to one environment through to full courses involving taking a flight at the end of the day to put your learning into practice.

There are two main companies offering courses in the UK.

The longest established of the UK’s courses operated in conjunction with British Airways. Our resident Travel Expert Bob Atkinson has helped out on these courses at Manchester for a number of years and has first hand experience of how the days can really transform people’s lives. The courses consist of a trio of educational, medical and psychological sessions together with a flight with your fellow course members and fully trained staff. Find a course near you with seven locations to choose from. You can even book personalised one to one days, tailored to your needs.

Flying Without Fear
These days are run in conjunction with Virgin Atlantic and operate in London and Manchester.

The courses will not cure your fears; however they will give you the tools and knowledge to cope with taking everything from a short flight through to a trip Round the World. They allow you to travel without the fears ruining either your trip preparations or your holiday while you are away.

Of course there is a massive range of resources on line and even apps for mobile phones to help you; however attending a course and spending time with trained staff who really understand your fears is undoubtedly one of the best ways to tackle your concerns. Find out course details here.

So what are you waiting for?
Don’t let your fear limit your horizons and by being able to find ways of coping with your fears you can then travel with confidence for work or pleasure and enjoy all that the world has to offer.

  1. Hi

    We run courses for groups of up to four in a de-commisioned plane and offer a money back guarantee, a supporter free of charge and another course as a top up as our guest. We also have the world’s biggest community for fearful flyers.We don’t have the brand but we can give you personal attention (we have two presenters) and no one yet has asked for their money back.

    Keith Godfrey

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