Apr 28, 2014

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Hand Luggage Tips

When going away on a city break or a short trip, travelling with hand luggage only will not only save you time, it can also save you pounds on checking in your luggage, making your break even better value for money. However, you have to be careful not to fall foul of hand luggage size and weight restrictions. Here are the benefits of employing the hand-baggage-only technique and our top tips on how to make your journey as easy as possible.

Hand luggage tips

What are the benefits of travelling light with hand baggage only?

1. Quicker – no need to join a check-in or bag-drop queue on departure and no need to wait for bags at the luggage carousel on arrival. Plus you get to the taxi queue or car hire rental desks before the rest of the passengers you have travelled with.

2. Safer – you keep your bag with you at all times, therefore it cannot get sent to a destination different to the one you are flying to. It is not going to get damaged being loaded or unloaded and it is not available for someone unscrupulous to break into and steal your personal items.

3. Cheaper – you avoid checked-in bag charges which can be up to £160.

4. Less stress – you are in control of your things, not reliant on the baggage system and you can avoid lots of queues.

Our top tips for travelling hand luggage only

1. Know your limits – ensure you know the hand luggage restrictions for the airline(s) you are travelling with, especially if you are connecting from one to another or if you are returning on a different carrier. These can vary and it will affect bag size, number of bags allowed and whether there is any weight limit. easyJet, for example, will accept any weight as long as you can lift it, whereas Ryanair allows one cabin bag per passenger weighing up to 10kg, plus one small bag.

Some also allow one piece of hand baggage plus one duty free bag – so you can buy items you may need such as toiletries, water, guide books, magazines etc to your heart’s content, and place them in one carrier bag from the airside shops. Some airports such as Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester also allow you to buy duty free and then collect on the way back – meaning that you never have to take the items on board, avoiding cabin bag weight limits altogether.

If you do have hand baggage that is over the limit, be prepared to have the bag taken from you and an excess baggage fee charged. To avoid this, always pre-book an extra bag online rather than risk being charged at the gate -which will cost you more. For example, depending on your route and the time of year that you travel, you could pay up to £70 at the gate for an extra 15kg bag with Ryanair. That same bag pre-booked online would have cost you 50% less.

BA now offers a further option for customers on short-haul domestic and European flights from London. A hand baggage only fare is now in operation which is a low cost option for those not wanting to take checked baggage. The fare allows you to take one piece of hand baggage, plus a handbag or laptop bag.

2. Buy the right bag – once you know your hand luggage size limit, ensure your bag fits within this. If you can, choose a soft bag for carry-on luggage as it will be easier to cram into overhead bins and it is lighter – giving you more weight for your items.

We have teamed up with Flylite to bring you a special discount on luggage that is ideal for travelling with hand baggage only. Not only do you save on hold baggage charges of up to £60 each way on Ryanair if you stick to the 10kg limit, you can also save 25% on the price of these excellent luggage solutions.

Choose from a range including two sizes of foldaway cabin bags, two sizes of  trolley cabin bags or a rucksack for the cabin, as well as a foldaway wheeled holdall option. All of these are made of lightweight materials to maximise the items you want to pack.

Prices start from as little as £15 for small foldaway bags excluding our exclusive 25% discount offer and you’ll get a free foldaway rucksack with any order you make.

For full details click here and quote the code TSM to obtain your discount online or over the phone.

3. Only pack what you need – the tip here is to be ruthless. The aim is to carry as little as possible and to buy items you can find locally wherever you can. Clothing is where you can make a major hit – see note below.

4. Packing techniques – there are three main schools of thought on packing techniques for small bags: rolling everything around a central item, folding everything into squares or bundling items around each other.

5. Which clothes? - always wear any heavy items you need such as coats, jeans, hoodies, boots, shoes and belts. Otherwise stick to the concept of the capsule wardrobe – essentially, a small number of pieces that co-ordinate to produce multiple outfits by all working together. The longer the trip, the more creative you need to be here, however be sure you are going to need everything you pack – if not, don’t pack it in the first place. In most places you can always buy something if you really need to get an item that you left behind quickly.

All clothes should be lightweight – many companies specialise in selling items that are light, wrinkle free and easy care. This allows for less stress when unpacking a crumpled shirt or blouse and also means they can be hand washed at your hotel and worn again. If you plan to wash items at your hotel you could use a laundry service or wash them yourself – in which case take a plug with you as most hotel bathroom plugs are poor.

6. Toiletries – you need to obey the 100ml rule at present and decant items into small bottles that fit within one plastic bag for security. You can always buy items airside or on arrival. Most hotels will give you soap, shampoo etc. Ladies (and increasingly men) should try to minimise the toiletries and make-up they take. Do you really need all of that? If so, use travel size bottles or packets only or buy locally. Toiletries can weigh far more than you think.

7. Pockets – use the pockets of your clothes to take heavier items on board which you can transfer to your bag once you are on board (eg phone charger, camera, books, and toiletries). Use pockets as well for travel documents such as your passport, tickets, travel insurance, driving licence and money.

8. Phones/iPods/Laptops/Notebooks – these often start to add weight especially if you have multiple items and multiple chargers. Be smart – can you download guide books/info/entertainment/games/music etc onto one item and just take the one with you? Notebooks are smaller than laptops and if you are travelling for only a few days then you may not even need the heavier and larger items.

9. Don’t pool your hand luggage – most airlines will not allow you to pool your hand luggage allowance across a party of people, so ensure that each bag is not over the limits where a weight limit applies.

Provider Free hand luggage weight allowance Hand baggage size
Jet2 10kg in one bag 56x 45 x 25cm
Ryanair 10kg in one bag plus one small bag no bigger than 35 x 20 x 20cm 55 x 40 x 20cm
easyJet No limit but must be able to lift into the overhead locker unaided. One bag allowed 50 x 40 x 20cm will guarantee your bag can travel with you in the cabin. Hand luggage no bigger than 56 x 45 x 25cm is allowed, however it may have to go in the hold
British Airways One bag up to 23kg plus either a handbag or a laptop 56 x 45 x 25cm
Wizz Air No limit but bag must fit under the seat in front of you 42 x 32 x 25cm. A larger bag measuring no more than 56 x 45 x 25cm can be taken on board, but you will be charged a fee for this
Virgin Atlantic One piece up to 10kg plus a handbag 56 x 36 x 23cm
Norwegian Air 10kg in one bag plus small handbag or laptop 55 x 40 x 23cm
Monarch EITHER 10kg in one bag OR 10kg across two bags with a combined size no bigger than 56cm x 40cm x 20cm 56 x 40 x 25cm
Flybe 10kg in one bag 55 x 40 x 23cm
Aer Lingus 10kg in one bag plus a small ladies’ handbag/gents’ satchel/Duty Free shopping bag 55 x 40 x 24cm
Thomson – Flight Only 5kg in one bag 55 x 40 x 20cm
Thomas Cook – Flight Only 5kg in one bag 55 x 40 x 20cm

Last updated: April 28, 2014.

  1. Anonymous says:

    The ryanair dimensions which you give are wrong or have changed since this was written. They are now 55 x 40 x 20

    • Anonymous says:

      easyJet have now got on the bandwagon. You used to be able to take hand luggage on board and take a handbag. No longer. I had to fill my pockets with duty free ciggies and cram my handbag into my hand luggage.

      • Tom Nightingale says:

        Best way is to have a lightweight raincoat with several deep inner pockets.

      • All I ask is consistency. My wife religiously packed her handbag into her hand luggage. It seemed that easy jet staff couldn’t be bothered to enforce their airlines own rules as I guess at least 25% of the women on our flight had both hand luggage plus a handbag. Come on easy jet get YOUR staff to enforce YOUR rules

      • Hence why I am now using Jet2!

  2. Harry Lawrance says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this change. This has now been corrected.

  3. Peter Hutchins says:

    This is a great guide and a brilliant concept. I recently went on holiday for a week in Fuertaventura. Constant hot & Sunny weather meant i needed very little for the day time (swimming trunks, pack towel and sunblock) and just a pair of trousers (dress code) and shirt for evening meal. 2 outfits suficed. The only problem I encountered was attempting bringing a full size airosole deodorant (LYNX) onto the plane on the way there. I was told that it had to go in my main luggage which of course i didnt have so had to go in the bin. I easily picked up another in Fuerta but this was an annoyance. I have found some travel size ones since then but in a hot climate they dont last long!

    • Steve says:

      That would have been security that stopped you, not the airline. You would have been told to check the security restrictions when you bought your ticket. I can never understand people that don’t check the security requirements before they travel. These rules have been around for 10 years now.

    • Tom Nightingale says:

      “The only problem I encountered was attempting bringing a full size airosole deodorant (LYNX) onto the plane on the way there.”

      Was it size or the lack of taste implied by “Lynx”?

  4. James says:

    I have had my handluggage trolley case for years and have travelled with it on many different airlines(including Thomas Cook) without problems. About 3 weeks ago the trolley case was refused by Thomas Cook at Manchester because it was about an inch too big to go into their cage. Fortunately I had a carrier bag and transferred the contents of the trolley case into it. I was asked if I wanted them to dispose of the trolley case. I said no. As the trolley case weighed 1.1kilo and I was only 19 kilos on my hold luggage, the trolley case went on the carousel empty. I am due to fly Thomas Cook tomorrow and I have purchased a trolley case exact to their measurements. It cost me £39. We will see what happens tomorrow.

    • Lesley says:


      I experienced the same problem but can’t seem to find a trolley case small enough to conform with Thomas Cook regulations. Can I ask where you got yours?

      Kind regards


    • Segedunum says:

      Now I have seen British Airways hand luggage allowance I am no longer surprised that the overhead lockers are always full and latecomers have to put their bag under the seat or have the crew store it for them out of reach.
      23kg is a ridiculous weight allowance (if you can even lift it into a locker) – I don’t even have that much in my hold loaded suitcase for a three week holiday

  5. Liz Moniz says:

    As a fairly frequemt ‘hand-luggage only? flyer, I find that the most useful items I have are vacuum bags, all my clothes for a two week stay will fit into a couple of vacuum bags and if the weight allowance is generous, this allows me to take some extra essentials. However, with quite a bit of browsing I have recently managed to fly scheduled flights even cheaper than the ‘cheapies’, and this includes hold luggage and even a snack on board, worth searching for. You also get treated as a person, not a number.

  6. manx2 hand luggage is one bag of 10 kg size 50 x 35 x20.

    • Eileen Gomme says:

      “able to lift unaided into the overhead locker” is a no-no for me as I can’t reach it without standing on the seat, which is specifically forbidden on some airlines. ( just under 5ft tall). So far I have not lacked help from other flyers but what if the airline crew get stroppy?

      • anderpayne says:

        I have exactly the same problem. I once asked a stewardess to help me and she was not very happy as she said it was too heavy. Always find a tall, good looking guy and give him a lovely smile. It never fails.

  7. joanne says:

    are children (8 years old) allowed hand luggage

    • Steve says:

      Check with the airline but under 8’s do normally get an allowance, but under 2’s don’t. The individual airline web sites will tell you definitively.

  8. Marguerite says:

    Watch out for flybe check in staff at Southampton Airport. Their hand luggage size is smaller than other airlines and they delight in catching out returning cruise passengers often slagging off staff at other U.K. Airports calling them soft when they discover that you are a centimeter or a gram in excess.


      • Tom Nightingale says:


        Too big is too big. limits are just that.

    • I had the worst experience ever at Southampton airport, the Flybe check-in staff could certainly do with some customer care training as they don’t seem to give a hoot about the customer.

  9. is a handbag classed as hand luggage? can i take hand luggage & a handbag?

    Thanks juli

    • Steve says:

      Not normally with the budget carriers, and some mainstream carriers. Their web sites normally tell you. But think about it. If you have a carryon bag and a hand bag then you have two bags. Most will insist your hand bag and laptop goes into your one alloweable varryon bag.

  10. Amaia says:

    I am afraid your handbag is classifided as hand luggage. Most airline will ask you to put your handbag into your hand luggage.

  11. Paul Teale says:

    Having bought “decent” cabin cases, and used them on Ryanair a couple of years ago, I now notice that they are a couple of centimetres larger than Ryanair’s current maximum for height. This means that I will go to great lengths to avoid Ryanair in future….well done that airline!! There are others to choose from!!

  12. Pockets are very handy ie cargo pants,shirts with pocket both sides,jackets, overcoat with things in pockets you can get on the plane with another 5 kilo and upwards in those pockets.

  13. I love travelling with ryanair frequently to east midlands from france.there are cheap deals if you can travel anytime.the staff are very polite & the seats are comfy.about hand luggage how strict can they be though,couldnt believe ,on my last visit back to france recently when i was told to put the packet of crisps (small) i had in my hand must go in my hand luggage,thought they were joking,but no,so i had to eat them very quickly as no room in my bag!!!!!

  14. Caroline says:

    About not “pooling” hand luggage: of course you CAN do this, just do it out of sight of the staff!
    Find an empty check-in desk (not the airline you’re flying with) and weigh your cases, then happily go and swap stuff around, around the corner, but don’t get int he way of other passengers!
    Be careful with soft luggage, as I had a great problem with Ryanair with mine (Dusseldorf Weeze) I could get it in the cage fine, but everything sank to the bottom of course and I had a struggle to get the bag out again. I WAS carrying a coffee maker, just within the dimensions and he let me on, with only a slightly annoyed look!

  15. Two additional thoughts / questions.

    With Ryanair we constantly see luggage that exceeds the dimensions with no-one taking any notice (though I have seen it weighed). What are peoples’ experience of this? Does it vary from route to route?

    Ditto with small rucksacks that meet the weight criteria but bulge to become too thick (just the depth – the one dimension – height and width are well within allowance). Any experience here?


    • Anonymous says:

      We travelled recently with Ryanair to Venice. On the way out (east midlands airport) we were told we were over the limit on our hold luggage and they wanted us to pay £120 extra. We were fortunate that we’d taken an empty rucsac which we managed to put some stuff in and then wear extra clothing to keep the weight down. Even though the rucsac bulged they didn’t ask us to try it in the cage for size and let us take it on as hand luggage. On the way back quiet a few people where told their cases were too big for hand luggage and were asked to pay extra to put it in the hold or go and buy another suitcase. I think it’s a con because the hand luggage cases did go into the cages but were just a little tight.

  16. Carol Kirkby says:

    I recently travelled flight only on Thomas Cook with a 5kg limit. This was fine at check-in. I then bought a couple of toiletry items and a book, which I placed inside the bag before it wasa time to board. At the gate my bag was re-weighed and was over 5kg. I was told it would cost me £32 and it would have to go in hold luggage. I said it wouldn’t and that I’d take something out and leave it, which I did. Will utilise my pockets in future – just wasn’t expecting to have the bag re-weighed.

    • hi erm do thomas cook normally weigh hand luggage as mine is 5.4 so not technically 6 also my luggage is 30kg do they go mad if it is over that ?? i have paid for 30 kg just worried about it all.

  17. We all have to remember that although we pay through the nose for all the “extra’s” they are doing us a favour by allowing us to fly on their airline! At least this has been my experience, everything to much touble for them!

  18. emma tegg says:

    hi as there is not a Marks and Spencers security side of south terminal gatwick can you buy a sandwich, crisps etc before go through security…… to put in hand language…

  19. Jane Smith says:

    Going to Barcelona Mon to Thu next week with BMIBABY…..have got a small carry on and will put handbag in this BUT SO glad I read this because I must make sure I leave a little for anything I buy at the airport (Birmingham)Never done hand luggage only and usually holiday in Tunisia so can buy duty free too. It seems that travelling this way requires an entirely new way of looking at a holiday so here’s hoping I manage to board AND that it will work ok so I can do more short breaks!

  20. Just returned from a Ryanair flight – a couple of warnings – the size limits Ryanair quote in metric are different to the sizes they quote in imperial (Metric are bigger so follow them) Also their website is misleading verging on deceitful, Make sure you book hold luggae for both the outward AND return journey. I thought i had booked for return but hadn’t. IT COST 105 Euros just to get my suitcase on the plane home. Also make sure you print off boarding cards for outward AND return journey – another 60 Euoros if you don’t. BETTER STILL — DON’T FLY RYANAIR !!

    • Hey, so u had experience that your hand luggage sutitcase was bigger that restricted measures 55x40x20? cause I was flying 2 times with my suitcase which has 25cm deep and had passed that ryanair box – They are really cheap…till u get in some unexpected problems :/

  21. Here’s an iphone app that lets you measure your hand luggage and confirm the size fits within the airline you’re flying with


  22. Sharon says:

    Easyjet just changed their cabin baggage size to 50 x 40 x 20cm!

    • Anonymous says:

      Easyjet have only changed the size they guarantee to travel in the cabin with you. You can still take the slightly larger bag but it may be put in the hold, free of charge, on busier flights as the overheads can only take so much. That said, I fly regularly with EJ & I see many people with more than one bag going into the cabin.

  23. So, can I just clarify the dimensions are Length Height Width?

  24. JENNY J says:


  25. Lynne says:

    We are due to fly to Berlin for a special birthday of mine in June. We need to take our cameras as it is a photography holiday. My rolling bag (especially for cameras is 25 wide and meets other sizes quoted for Easyjet. The bag just copes with my cameras and lenses. Does anyone know if there are any special dispensations for camera equipment as there is no way its going in the hold. Any other suggestions would be welcome!

  26. Elaine says:

    Can anyone give me a customer care address for Emirates I have sent a letter to their Dubai address without reply surely there is one inthe U.K ?

  27. Kingstown_Peter says:

    Hi, I’m aware that, for retail sales, if an item is charged by weight the scales have to be independently certified as accurate. Does anyone know if the scales used at check-in are so certified?
    If not, can the airline still lawfully charge you if those same scales record your bag as “over-weight”?
    Thanks, Peter

  28. We always take our electronics in our hand luggage but its normally only a small backpack!

  29. We have family all over the world. Long haul we always fly BA. Great service and we take a free hold bag.
    Everywhere else we try and get cheapest flights, your article is very helpful. Thanks.
    This time we are flying with Thomas Cook, hand luggage only, and it wasn’t until AFTER we had paid that it came up that hand luggage was ONLY 5 Kilos. I call this a con! However we do have big pockets!

  30. Margaret Ridley says:

    What exactly is Flybe hand luggage size and weight? I’ve had two different dimensions quoted. We’re travelling Economy Restricted.

  31. CrifJohnson says:

    Great tips shared. I love to travel light. Traveling light helps in quick movement. Loved your article.

  32. Is a bum bag classed as an additional bag as well as your cabin bag?

  33. its not the size of hand luggage thats the problem now days its the weight thomas cook & thomsons are the main culprits ONLY 5KG wich is ok but our hand luggage which was bought specifically for the job weighs 2.2kg empty which means i can only put 2.7kg into it my samsung tablet & charger weigh 1.2kg which leaves 1.5kg needless to say ive the room but can`t put anything in it. WHAT A JOKE!! I will not be using these 2 companys ever again weather there the cheapest or not

  34. Hi so you know how its says on ryanair that now many people under 2 does that count when the child is 2???????????

  35. To be fair luggage restrictions should be based on passenger personal weight, lets say my wife is only 55kg and I’m nearly 100kg but for both of us is the same limit of hand luggage apply and take away the funny side of it, seriously it should be a weight starting point where if you let say under 75kg all together with all your luggage then you are free to flight without any extra luggage fees, same for kids they are 15-20 kilos and what they do need on holiday is other 10kilo and it is highly questionable if it is fair to put everybody into one bag. Yes it is ok charge everybody on same way for ticket but none of the airline is really fair in weight matters. Not to discriminate obese people but extra weight is extra weight no offence and to live healthy and have a normal weight could be at least a plus and benefit for flyers. How about that?

  36. CrifJohnson says:

    Indeed great tips shared.Very informative.

  37. Carole harder says:

    Can I take a handbag and duty free purchases in addition to a cabin case on board

  38. Carole harder says:

    On my Easyjet flight can I take in addition to my cabin case a handbag and duty free purchases

  39. Binta Kaur says:

    I’m flying with Ryanair my cabin case fits their dimensions but the small wheels and stand is outside those dimensions will that be ok for travel. The Ryanair website does not specify whether the dimensions should include wheels or not?

    • Paula says:

      If it is a It luggage cabin case (55x40x20cm) which is right borderline for Ryanair you should be fine I have read many reviews where people have taken this on board and been fine with it :)

  40. If your suitcase doesn’t fit in the basket at the check in desk they
    Will make you pay the fee to put it in the hold.
    My advice as above is soft bags so you can “ram”
    Them in the baskets… Sometimes they won’t even bother checking
    But if your case looks larger they will make you try!!
    Hope this helps! I’m going with ryanair on Saturday and I’m taking a rucksack
    As my suitcase exceeds by the wheels too!

  41. I was travelling to Ireland last year (Ryan Air). In the departure lounge the flight staff checking baggage sizes were visibly excited to find the girl in front of me had a bag too big for the measuring basket thingy.
    They were a bit miffed when I pointed out to the girl that she could just wear any extra jumpers etc. stored in said baggage and it’d then be smaller.
    It worked and she avoided extra charges.

  42. I love your tips about hand luggage! I had problems myself iwth checked baggage in the past, and then I picked the best lighweight carry on luggage here: http://www.bestcarryonluggageblog.com/best-lightweight-carry-on-luggage/. It’s way better – I don’t have to pay for checked bags and my new carry on works wonders.

  43. Hi there,

    Any idea on how strict Jet2 are on the ‘one bag only’ even if both fit in to the requirements?

    It’s only because we are flying out with Jet2 then back wit Ryanair so slightly different requirements.


  44. I’m flying ryanair and plan to take hand luggage only. Ie 1 10kg carry on and 1 small handbag – however the handbag is a couple of inches bigger than allowance, however if it is not full and I can fold bag in to the size will it be ok?

  45. Hi there, I’m going to fly with CityJet next 6th of Aug. I see that for my hand luggage the measures are 55 x 35 x 25 and 12kg of weight. I was wondering if it’s the same if i bring with me a really soft hand luggage, that is 33 x 35 x 59 cm, but I’m not going to fill it completely so the final measures will be very similiar to those for the rigid one, i think. What do you think about ? I’m flying from Florence to London. Thank you very much :)

  46. Caitlin says:

    Hi I am travelling with Ryanair next month to the UK from Germany. I am going to be taking a small case as my carry on luggage but I also want to take my laptop with me. Can I carry both on board or will the laptop have to go inside the small case? I know the weight limit is only 10kg and I am worried after I have put my laptop in the case I wont have much weight left. Thanks

  47. Hi there

    I.n flying with jet 2 next week and am only taking hand luggage. In addition to the small case, can I take a handbag too?


  48. Hi I am flying jet2 and just want to take a suit bag with me but it measures 50cm x 50cm is this too big ?

    • Hi there

      You don’t say if this is for hand luggage or hold luggage. For hold luggage you would be fine as long as you have pre-booked it and the item does not weight more than 22kgs. Hand luggage is 10kg weight maximum and must fit inside the hand luggage gauge which measures 56x45x25cm. If you can fold it into the gauge then you should be OK, however the two measurements given mean taht at least one of them is over without folding.


  49. It is cabin luggage x

  50. I’m flying with Jet2 for an outward journey and then Ryanair on the return. I have a small case that fits within the 56x 45 x 25cm for Jet2 although I am concerned about Ryanair! The bag is soft, so will squash down. Should I be worried about Ryanair?

    • As long as the bag can be squashed into the Ryanair gauge you will be fine.

      If its too big then you run the risk of being fined for an oversize bag at the gate.

      Have a great trip.


  51. Wendy says:

    I’m travel felling with my twin granddaughters that have trunkis on Ryan air they are very slightly outside the side by 1/2 cm will they charge me extre for the hold or do ryanair have a heart with kids

  52. Neville Fleming says:

    I wouldn’t risk it as Ryanair would charge Michael O’Learys Mother if she was slightly over the permitted measurements! Downsize the luggage or definitely you would be the looser!

  53. Linda Klein says:

    I’m flying home to the UK from Paphos, Cyprus, with Thomson, for the first time, in November. I usually use Easyjet, who allow you to take a bag of airport purchases (two bottles of spirits in my case, no pun intended) into the cabin as well as your hand baggage allowance. Do you know if Thomson allow this too?

  54. Caroline Bell says:

    I’m travelling on Flybe in October and I’m confused by the hand luggage. It is 10kg in just 1 bag or will I be allowed my lap top bag too ?

    • Deborah says:

      Hi, I’m travelling on Flybe too in a couple of weeks – on a “Just Fly” ticket. On that ticket and also on the “Get More” ticket you can have a max of 10kg in one bag only. Laptop bag/handbag have to go inside that 10kg bag. It’s only if you’ve bought a ticket in the most expensive “All In” category that you can have a laptop bag/handbag as well as a cabin bag. Considering that you also get a 20kg hold allowance with the “Get More” and “All in” category tickets then there shouldn’t be a problem in keeping the cabin luggage below 10kg but on the “Just Fly” I think it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze getting my handbag into the 10kg max cabin bag and also within the dimensions allowed. A challenge but I’m sure it can be done!

    • Hi there

      It is just one bag in hand luggage unless you have bought an ‘All in’ fare with hold luggage as well. On that more expensive fare you are also allowed a lap top bag.

      Check what type of fare you have, unless its ‘All In’ then you can only have the one cabin bag.

      Kind regards


  55. Hi me and my family are goin on holiday using Ryanair soon we have hand luggage but my young daughter (2years old) has a Disney princess pull along case which has small lights in the front of the case! Will this be allowed on board or not?

    • Hi there

      You should have no problem with this as long it fits within the size limit and the lights can be turned off if required.

      Enjoy the trip.


  56. I’m travelling by Ryanair with hand luggage only. I have a soft cabin bag with wheels size 54x35x20. Is the fact it has wheels going to be a problem?

    • Hi there

      As long as the wheels sit within the bag dimesnsions and it will go into the luggage gauge then you will be OK. Don;t overpack it and you should be fine.

      Good luck


  57. Marium says:

    M travelling to swtizerland via easyjet ..can i take hand bag with hand luggage …m not sure about it

  58. Howard Stapleton says:

    Warning to all Gentleman,

    If flying German Wings Gentleman you will be charged for an umbrella.

    Ladies don’t worry about your handbag, on the flight I was on this seamed not to be a problem.

  59. Hi I am travelling with Ryanair next month with my 8 months daughter and husband. We will be carrying cabin bag only. However I have read you are allowed to carry 5kg extra in another small for baby stuff. Does that mean I can carry my small handbag plus baby’s 5kg cary bag aswell? Also can I carry an umbrella as well?

  60. I wouldn’t risk it as Ryanair would charge Michael O’Learys Mother if she was slightly over the permitted measurements! Downsize the luggage or definitely you would be the looser!

  61. Hi, we are a family of 5 and next week we will be traveling on Jet2, I have booked 2 checked bags between us and will be taking hand luggage, if on the return flight we need to check-in another bag as we’re planning a bit of Chritmas shopping, would that be possible? What would the cost be? Any tips would be appreciated.

  62. debbie says:

    Whats the big deal with not being able to take a handbag on board as well as a small case, if the case is going above then your handbag can go at your feet?????
    Whats the hassle with that????

  63. Angela says:

    I purchased a new soft case for flying with hand luggage from Ireland to Birmingham. The first time I used it the staff at birmingham airport forced it into the checker and it got stuck fast. I think everyone behind me must have been delighted because they had cases a lot bigger than mine and they were just told to carry on because they couldn’t check them. It took three people 20 minutes to get my case out and the plane was waiting. Also they broke the zip in the process. Not happy..

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