Sep 5, 2016

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Seven simple tips to get the best deal on your flights

With easyJet due to release its March-June 2017 flight tickets in early October and Ryanair expected to do the same shortly too, we look at the best way to secure those elusive cheap flights before the prices start to creep up.

With extra charges and admin fees it can be hard these days to find good deals, but follow our seven simple money-saving tips and you should be able to avoid paying over the odds.

1. Timing is key

Get the best deal on your flights

Flights go on sale throughout the year but knowing when to look for them can help you to bag a bargain. Generally, the earlier you book, the lower the price of the flight.

Low-cost airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair tend to start selling flights for the following summer at the end of the current summer holiday period (or flights for the following winter towards the end of the current winter season), and flights with scheduled airlines such as British Airways usually go on sale 11 months before the flight departure date. As an example, you can view easyJet’s current schedule release dates here.

Charter flights to big holiday destinations (sold by tour operators), however, can be on sale as early as 18 months in advance, but prices are rarely low when first on sale as many are linked to the sale of package holidays.

Charter flights are sometimes discounted at the last minute, however, as seats need to be filled. So, if you can be flexible and don’t mind making all of your travel plans just before you go, this could be a cheaper choice.

2. Consider all of the options


If you live within driving distance of several airports, it’s worth comparing the flight prices from a range of destinations to see if there are any great deals.

However, make sure that the discount on the flight doesn’t end up being wiped out by the price of petrol or public transport to get to and from your departure airport. Similarly, check where your arrival airport actually is and how far it is from where you want to stay – the best fares may be to an out-of-town airport that is miles away from your hotel.

Another tactic to find low fares is to travel outside of school holidays, at anti-social times or mid-week as, with reduced demand, flight prices tend to be lower. Wherever possible, avoid travelling at weekends.

If you can, be flexible with your dates and look at a few different departure and arrival dates to find the best deals.

3. Shop around

Travel agents can prove invaluable

Before you book your flights, look at prices from a number of different companies side-by-side to make sure you have found the best deal.

Price-comparison sites such as TravelSupermarket are a great place to do this and will save you time and money by comparing prices from traditional tour operators such as Thomson and Thomas Cook as well as online travel agents such as and Expedia, so you will quickly see who is offering the best deal for you.

And don’t forget about travel agents on the high street (or by telephone) as an option too, as they are still offered special deals from scheduled carriers and can provide invaluable advice when you are putting together once-in-a-lifetime trips such as round-the-world adventures.

4. Travelling with kids?

Travelling with kids?

Not all airlines charge the same price for children and infants (children under the age of two), so don’t forget to factor this into your overall price. Infants will pay a flat one-off fee or a percentage of the adult price if you don’t want a separate seat for them, while children only get discounts on certain carriers, such as British Airways, when under 12 years of age (check each carrier’s child ticket policy before you book).

You should also check what is included in this price. With Thomas Cook, for example, an infant has a 10kg hold luggage allowance included in the price of a ticket, while Ryanair now offers infants over the age of one a free 10kg baggage allowance as well as a small second bag – as long as they are sitting in their own seat.

When you’ve got kids in tow, it may seem worthwhile to pay for priority boarding. However, before you hand over your cash, check what the airline’s policy is as many will seat parents with young children free of charge before the rest of the flight. British Airways even offers an online check-in service for passengers 24 hours before the flight. You can log in with your booking reference number, choose your seats and print your boarding card out – for free.

5. Don’t get caught out paying for extras

In-flight catering

Extras such as charges for checked-in bags, prices to reserve seats and meal costs can all add up, so only buy what you need. If you are going on a city break or short trip, consider whether you can get away with hand luggage only – not only will this save you money, it will allow you to stroll out of the airport while other passengers are waiting next to the luggage carousel.

Read packing advice and tips on sticking to your baggage allowance from TravelSupermarket’s travel expert, Bob Atkinson, in his blog post Hand luggage tips.

Additionally, don’t forget about food. If a meal isn’t included in your flight price, take a packed lunch instead of buying snacks on board and save your spending money for meals out when you have reached your destination.

If, however, you simply can’t bear to travel without a few extras, factor these prices in when looking at flights – once you have added these in, it may be worth paying slightly more to travel with another company who include the extras for free.

An example for families is British Airways, who have a free seating policy when travelling with children which allows you to pre-book seats so you can all travel together without the normal seat charge. However, easyJet will charge you up to £19.99 per passenger each way for the privilege.

If you do want to add extras on to your flight, book them online before you travel to save hefty charges in the airport.

6. Join a frequent flyer scheme

Join a frequent flyer scheme

Being a member of an airline frequent flyer scheme or a shopping loyalty scheme such as Nectar will allow you to accrue points when booking flights. You can also collect points with a range of credit cards.

But be wary, as while it may seem like you can travel for nothing with these schemes, many will require you to pay fees and taxes which can be more than 50% of the total fare. Slavishly collecting points and being sucked into some schemes can end up working out more expensive than if you had just bought a normal ticket in the first place.

However, if you are collecting points as a by-product of your normal flying and spending, and you shop around when doing so, these free points can make a for a great treat or a cost saving at a later date on a flight you would have normally paid for.

7. Find out about the cheapest deals first

For the best chance of snapping up great offers, sign up to newsletters so you are alerted as soon as a deal is on the market. Keep an eye out for launches of new airlines too, as they often have introductory prices to tempt customers to travel with them.

Have you got any top tips on how to book a cheap flight? Leave a comment below to share them.

Please note: This is an updated version of a previously-published article. All facts and prices were correct at the time of updating.
  1. Lee Parsons says:

    I read you artcile, out of intrest. I was wondering thou, when are a solo traveller, how do you beat the single supplament. It seem’s like everyone dislikes a single man. Your holiday generally ends up costing the price for 2 but minus the flight. I dont see allot of hotels offer single/solo room’s, and nor do I see the travel industry recongize this. I was wondering if you had any input, on how a single guy, can get away on those bargin break’s for them self.
    Thanks again Lee

    • Ever since my wife died in Nov 2001, I’ve had difficulty getting a reasonably priced holiday (Packeged or Non-Packeged) because of single supplements. I’ve heard that the government over a year ago had promised to do something about this, to issue directives to show fairness to “Single Travellers”, but they havn’t done this. I don’t see why Single travellers should gat penalised; why they should be put at a “Financial Disadvantage”, be “Financially Discrimminated against” and made to suffer. Hotelliers all around the world should be made to allocate at all times rooms for Single Travellers, and even when rooms for Sinle people arn’t available, to give them rooms that two or three persons might use. There should be an international agreement regarding this issue, and it should be done as speedily as possible. Vince

      • Single travellers,depending where one wishes to fly to can be expensive. The low cost air lines do sell single seats all at the same price although the destinations are limited. I fly long haul the prices are the same for everyone unless you are a huge group then a discount. The prices can vary from first release but not all the cheaper airlines release there flights at the same time so its sometimes better off to gamble a little. If you want to gamble to wait for just a few weeks before some bargains are to be had but remember lots of others are out there too. The best deal for me was a premium economy seat for £547 the worst a BA tranfer from Quantas if you book with Quantas they share codes with BA but the charge is more for the Quantas flight.

  2. colin parnell says:

    Although not single we often take sister in law with us. The cost for her is usually the same as us and in one instance was actually more!! Also why cant the government do something for elderly travellers ie travel is a minefield, a simple system ie doctors certicate denoting ability to travel would solve such discrimination.

  3. Jenkins Leroyson says:

    I had no idea that charter flights could be on sale so far in advance. It’s good that you can plan that far in advance but it seems like you can sometimes save a little by buying last-minute. You’re right, timing is everything! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Stuart Cromie says:

    Is it true that Belfast international Airport has the most expensive landing charges. I fly quite often to and from Turkey. Thomas Cook is the only direct flight. I always fly to an English Airport as I can get both flights much cheaper. A Thomas Cook representative said Thomas Cook was not to blame. It was because Belfast International Airport was the most expensive to use.

  5. Last Minute Flight Booking says:

    This is an awesome article. I liked the tips you shared, thank you.

  6. Bob Fenwick says:

    Whoever designs these websites PLEASE consider people when you decide to put text in which is practically invisible, try a darker colour, apart from that the site is quite good but it took me longer than it should have toread it.

    • Hi Bob

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Perhaps you could advise us which pages you have had trouble reading and on what type of device (laptop, mobile or tablet). We can then advise our design and tech people to a take a look and see if we can improve.

      Kind regards


  7. I spent 4 years trying to book a solo holiday but the price was higher than 2 people so refused to go.This year I browsed late deals solo on a budget & this gave me a lot more choice , I’m wary of unknown deals you don’t want to risk loosing your money or being stranded at an airport so I went to Thomson travel agent asked to compare a deal I found for Gran Canaria self catering it was £600 then found me a better deal for Majorca it was £582 allinclusive Haiti hotel Ca’n Picfort nice single room with modern furniture good bathroom excellent staff . When my confirmation came in post there was Room Upgraded £46 so I asked in travel agents she said it was room underocupency charge , when I came back From holiday knowing the hotel had a lot of single rooms I went back again with my paperwork asked same question the reply was oh it could be for one person in a double room I replied it was a single bed she said flustered oh it could be for anything .??????????

  8. TravelBench says:

    Wonderful tips! My husband and I should and will try them out! :) Thanks for ahring.


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