Jun 20, 2013

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Introducing our world photography map

World Photography Map

World Photography Map

In the summer of 2012 we ran a competition called Capture the Colour. It challenged bloggers to dig out their finest travel photos which best represented our five colour categories; red, green, blue, yellow and white.

It was open to anyone who ran their own blog, and the response we had was immense.  Entrants enjoyed reminiscing about their travels as well as being artistic by depicting each colour – sometimes obscurely, other times blatantly, but always brilliantly – and writing a post to accompany their photographs, often explaining the story behind them.

Notre Dame Basilica - unframedworld.com

Notre Dame Basilica – unframedworld.com

The world’s beauty meant that behind the lens, the witness needn’t be a professional. Simply, the capturer required an eye to spot splendour and the ability to use a camera, resulting in an outcome evoking memories for years to come. We were lucky enough to share these memories and see the corners of the world we didn’t know existed.

From luscious green rainforests, and seemingly endless blue oceans, to traditional and modern man-made buildings, to sunsets, mountains, beaches, waterfalls, rivers, festivals, animals; the list is never-ending. Some of the most thought evoking images were of local people, what were they doing, saying, thinking? We loved the stories which explained these and felt this added real value to the photo.

We felt inspired by the images we received and wanted to celebrate the heroes of Capture the Colour, not just acknowledging the winners.  This is why we decided to create an interactive map which showcases hundreds of exceptional photos by destination. The idea is that the map and its corresponding images will inspire people to travel, to have their own experiences and stories to tell, and then capture them as physical memories. Just like our Capture the Colour community did.

Angkor - SarahbuginThailand.com

Angkor – SarahbuginThailand.com

Asia and Europe were the most photographed continents, and trends emerged between destinations and colour. Australia predominantly revealed yellow images, South America white photos and Britain and Asia mainly showing green pictures. You can explore the continents on the map and get a real feel of some of the places from a traveller’s point of view.

Have a look at the travel map – which was only made possible by the Capture the Colour contenders.

Be inspired and look out for Capture the Colour 2013 coming soon.

Where will it take you?

  1. Looking forward to capture the colour 2013 guys! We’ll be involved this year!

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