Jul 18, 2011

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London Ghost Walks

Haunted hotel rooms are all very well and good, however, if you are brave enough, you will want to visit what is believed to be the most haunted building in the UK; you have to visit the Tower of London. Constructed by William the Conqueror in 1078, the Tower of London hosts many stories of historical ghosts. These include the ghostly “White Lady” who once stood at a window of the White Tower waving to a group of school children in the building opposite.

The ghosts of Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey are both said to haunt Tower Green, where they and many others were executed over the centuries. None of these ghosts is more alarming than that of Margaret Pole, the Countess of Salisbury. Upon her execution on 27 May 1541, the executioner chased the Countess around the scaffolding literally hacking her to bits before she finally died. This horrific scene has been reportedly replayed many times on the anniversary of her death.

If the ghosts of executed prisoners were not enough, there is even a story about a phantom bear. Legend has it that many years ago a huge ghostly bear appeared by the Martin Tower, scaring a guard so badly that he died of shock! Fortunately this spectre has not been seen since its first appearance to the guard.

Tower bridge

Whilst you can plan your own tour of London, you may find it easier to book your place on one of the many London ghost walks. One of the more popular walks is one that is arranged by The London Ghost Walk run by the author and researcher, Richard Jones.

Tours start at 7pm outside the Raglan public house on St Martin Le Grande (the nearest underground station is St Paul’s) every Friday at the price a reasonable £8 per person. Richard also offers private tours (for a minimum of 20 people) that are perfect for office get togethers or social clubs. Your private tour can even end your tour with a buffet meal in a historic haunted pub. For more information call: 020 8530-8443

If ghost walks are not your thing, perhaps you would rather become a ghost hunter for the night? There are many ghost hunting event companies out there, but if you would like the chance to investigate London Bridge, contact Haunted Happenings and ask about their ‘London Bridge Experience’. The ghost hunt costs £75 per person and included in this price is admission to the venue and the chance to get your hands on some amazing ghost hunting equipment similar to that used by Yvette Fielding  and the Most Haunted team on their investigations. For more information call Haunted Happenings on: 0115 9729312

This article was written by Neal Bardell of  the UK ghost research team, Ghost Science

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    I am visiting LOndon with my family July 7-13. Is there any Tower Ghost walks in this period?

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