Feb 11, 2016

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Make holidays memorable for the right reasons

I suspect it has happened to all of us. At some point between thinking of going away on a holiday and getting back from the trip there has been an argument. Not just a niggle over where you left the airline tickets or why you bought yet another souvenir. But a full blown row that turned the holiday dream into a holiday drama, leaving you with the wrong kind of holiday memories.

Couple arguing on holiday

So what can you do to avoid holiday arguments? Read our tips on how to get it right from holiday planning through to holiday unpacking.

It’s all in the planning

Whatever floats your boat, the key to flights and holiday planning is to talk through what you want from your trip and to ensure that both of you are going to get something that satisfies your needs.

Inevitably holidays are going to be a compromise somewhere along the way, whether you take it in turns to choose the destination for your trips or plan alternate days to focus on doing the things you love.

And don’t forget things like the travel arrangements. Consider flight timings that will work for you and your partner as well as the length of the flights, especially if you need to change planes. You don’t want to make the journey more stressful than it needs to be.

Get organised before you go

Travel money and passports all ready

Well before the travel date, ensure all of your documents are in date, from passports to travel insurance, credit cards to EHIC health cards. Put them together somewhere safe so there are no last-minute panics.

Read all of the documentation so you know all the details and are not going to get caught out by something when you travel. Make a list of everything you need to pack and check who is doing what so that you don’t forget anything.

Travel with ease and in comfort

Travelling need not be stressful so if you’ve done all of the above it should be easier to cope with any problems that come along to disrupt plans such as delays and cancellations. Always have some extra money in hand and things to occupy you and consider booking airport lounges to make your flight departures go with a bit of style.

And don’t forget to book the airline seats you want, even if it means paying a fee to ensure you are not suffering in the worst seats on board.

Remember too that you can’t control other people. It’s far better to just let things go and remain cool and relaxed than to get wound up by other travellers – don’t let them ruin your break by them driving you into a rage.


Compass and map

Once you are off the plane you need to get to your destination. Pre plan this, especially if hiring a car. The number one reason for arguments from a recent survey by TravelSupermarket was navigating, with one in three saying it was one the number cause for holiday bickering.

To help avoid this you can use technology to plan your route, prior to departure. Of course, you can’t beat a good old-fashioned map and a printed route for those times when our trusty mobile devices just don’t want to work. It’s even worth asking the hotel staff at the destination you are going to, to give you their directions to make it easier still.

Avoid arguing when you get there

Our survey found that the second biggest reason for arguing was money. Some 18% said it caused issues, so make a budget and allow for an extra 30% on top for unforeseen expenditure. Plus allow for impromptu purchases by taking a back-up credit card so that you don’t worry about what you are spending until you get home.

Choosing where to eat and drink was another main culprit for causing a holiday tiff, with 14% saying it raised the blood pressure.  Avoid the rows and take it turns to decide. Use reviews to get an idea of where is good and take recommendations from the locals and other holiday makers.

Getting home


Most of us find going home a bit of a double-edged sword. We want to stay on holiday, but there’s usually little piece of us that wants to get back to what we know. Just remember when you get back to get on with the unpacking, washing and ironing, the opening of post and the return to normal life. Carve up the chores between you and, before you know it, the disruption of travelling will blend back into normal life, leaving you with wonderful memories of your trip, not the arguments you could have had.

Do you have any tips on how to avoid those troublesome holiday spats? Turn agony aunt and share your advice with us.

  1. I do agree that planning ahead solves a lot of possible travel problems.

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