May 25, 2011

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Savvy online bookers can save over £700 on holiday extras

Ever travelled away and in the run up to the big day remembered that you forgot to get some currency, bought the first travel insurance policy you could find or forgot to pre-book your car hire? You could be one of the thousands of people every month who just pour money down the drain on over priced travel extras bought at the last moment. All that money you saved by being a savvy booker in the first place vanishes into thin air. All because you forgot, failed to plan or just never got around to sorting yourself out. Meaning your diligence with your flights and accommodation is then offset by what you waste with the add ons.

In fact a family of four on an average one week holiday could save up to £745 – enough for a great city break for two, a weekend away with the family or give you more spending power at your destination.

Follow our advice to show you how you can be savvy on those holiday essentials.

Travel insurance – save up to £191 per family

Shop around to find the best deal on your travel insurance

Shop around to find the best deal on your travel insurance

Travel insurance is a real no-brainer. You simply have to travel with it in order to give yourself full protection. However many of us do not bother to take out travel insurance until the last minute and don’t shop around to get a good buy. Yet buying a policy without using a price comparison service can punch a hole in your pocket. Annual policies can provide an even greater saving if you travel two to three times a year or more. There are also money saving deals for families and couples, with family policies for four in Europe costing as little as £10 for a week’s break, yet without using price comparison you will find many companies charging you up to £28 per person for such cover. And don’t forget to get your EHIC card for travel in Europe, which with many insurance companies removes the need to pay an excess on medical claims, saving even more money.

Our saving of £191 was found by comparing the best price Worldwide insurance policy for a family of four on an eight day holiday departing February 2011. We used our comparison service versus the price of a Post Office Premium policy bought at Manchester Airport on 07 February 2011.
Click here to compare travel insurance prices.

Car hire – save up to £130 on a family rental

Pre-book your car hire for the best deals

Pre-book your car hire for the best deals

If you had waited till the last minute to book a car rental in Spain in summer 2009, you would have been astonished at the prices. With limited supply following the world wide credit crunch, prices of Group A hire cars soared to over £400 for a week’s rental.  And pre-booking could have saved you an astonishing £400 back then, however availability and prices are far more sensible in 2011, But don’t be complacent. There are still massive savings to be had by pre-booking your vehicle rather than pitching up at your destination and seeing what price you can find on arrival.

Our £130 saving is for a medium family sized car for one week at Alicante airport in February 2011 with prices taken from our comparison service versus the cost of renting at the Hertz airport deal on arrival.

Book ahead earlier in the year and you can save even more for your rental.  It just goes to show that you can save a lot of money and also ensure that you have a car waiting for you of the type you want. Many people also use the car hire offering provided by their travel agent or airline. Yet again you are paying over the odds for these rentals as the travel companies do not search the whole market to find those hidden prices that can save you a good chunk of money. Use our price comparison service to check out the best car hire deals.
Click here to compare car hire prices.

Travel money – save up to £165

Avoid buying your travel money at the airport, where you'll face high commission fees and poor exchange rates

Avoid buying your travel money at the airport, where you'll face high commission fees and poor exchange rates

Buying the foreign currency we need for a trip is often left to the last minute. We rely on getting a good deal from our travel agent, bank or post office. Worst of all many of us simply buy at the airport where we are ripped off by both commission charges and poor exchange rates.

Yet you would be surprised at just how much you can save by being organised and shopping around.
The best rates of exchange and commissions are available online, with free delivery to your home address and some even offering free pick-up at UK airports or ports. We regularly conduct surveys on behalf of the press and broadcasters. On a purchase of 1,500 Euros we showed how you could save around 13% of your transaction total by buying online, compared to buying at the airport on the day of departure, that’s a whopping £165. At current exchange rates, that equates to being better off by nearly £13 in every £100 you convert. Would you throw that away?
Click here to see the options available for holiday money.

Airport Parking – save up to £146

Select off-airport parking for the best deals

Select off-airport parking for the best deals

Another area where you can save money is by pre-booking your airport car parking.  Not only that, you can save more by selecting the off-airport deals, giving you bigger savings still.

Take Manchester airport for example. By turning up and paying the gate price for a one week short stay, you could be charged up to £146 more than if you had pre-booked your parking space at the same car park. And choose a long stay car park, which is always cheaper anyway, and you can still save up to £110 by pre-booking. Average savings for planning ahead at UK airports are around the £75 mark, enough to have a blow out at Duty Free with something to show for your cash.
Click here to search for airport parking deals.

Airport transfers – save up to £113 return

You can choose from a coach, mini bus or private car, which are cheaper than grabbing a taxi

You can choose from a coach, mini bus or private car, which are cheaper than grabbing a taxi

Arriving in an airport abroad, it’s so easy just to grab a cab to head downtown or to your resort.  However, have you ever wondered what the other options are to get to your destination if you don’t want to hire a car?

Airport Transfers are now easily pre-booked and offer either coach or mini bus transfers along with private cars at prices far lower than a taxi. You also save time and ensure that a vehicle is waiting for you on arrival. On a quick check of some popular resorts in Spain, we found savings of up to £113 on pre-booking an airport transfer versus taking a local taxi.
Click here to search for airport transfer deals.

Lightweight luggage – save up to £7 on cabin baggage

Save on hold baggage charges by travelling with hand luggage only

Save on hold baggage charges by travelling with hand luggage only

We have teamed up with Flylite to bring you a special discount on luggage ideal for travelling with hand baggage only. Not only do you save on hold baggage charges of up to £20 each way on Ryanair for a small checked in bag, you can also save up to 20% on the price of these excellent luggage solutions.

Choose from a range of foldaway bags and rucksacks for the cabin as well as hold baggage options all made of lightweight materials to maximise the items you want to pack.

Prices start from as little as £12 for small cabin bag including our exclusive 20% discount offer.
Please click for full details and quote code TSM to obtain your discount on line or over the phone.

  1. Good money saving tips, thank you so much! To the list of ‘holiday essentials’, I would also recommend considering ditching the standard hotel stays and try renting privately instead – it’s a more genuine experience and probably a lot cheaper too!

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