Sep 30, 2010

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South America here we come…

Bob blk shirt 2Tonight I set off on my long awaited trip to Chile and Argentina. It is the last major continent (except for Antarctica) I have yet to visit and have spent far too long reading guide books and plotting trips to South America that have never come off.
Hopefully by the power of my laptop, mobile phone and an unfeasibly complicated camera, I will update you on my progress from Santiago to the Chilean lakes, a cruise expedition into the Beagle Channel, Cape of Good Hope and the Straits of Magellan, my stay on a gaucho ranch in Argentina, my heroic attempts at tango lessons in Buenos Aires, a nip over the river into Uruguay to Colonia and my finale at the mighty Iguassu falls. Or it just may go all horribly wrong, as my lack of any form of IT skills render my ability to keep in contact with the real world null and void.

Argentina - Tango capital of the world!

Argentina - Tango capital of the world!

I have never been more excited about going on a trip in my entire life. In recent years I have become very jaded with travelling and experiencing new places. Now in my mid 40s’s I have been putting it down to my age and the joys of pottering around my small garden seeming to far outweigh the pleasures of jetting off for adventure. Or just a simple trip to the family villa in Spain where I can just switch off and don’t have to think or be challenged in any way. But I know I want more from the world and it is now time to re-engage. And in the last few months my wanderlust has returned and after an excellent trip to Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains earlier this year I am fired up and ready to go.
I have had so much fun putting the itinerary together, building up my journey and changing itineraries around to suit dates, availability and so on. Whilst it would have been easy to find a specialist to do all of this for me, I have embraced the challenge, ensured I have full financial protection with the right insurance policy and I am set for the off.
So, look out for updates, technology permitting, on my taster trip to the Southern hemisphere. Off to pack now, but what do you wear for tango?

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