Jan 16, 2012

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The Top 50 Tourist Attractions in the World

We did a bit of research into the world’s most popular travel destinations in 2011 and thought rather than bombard our readers with an energy sapping excel based data table, we’d publish our findings into a swanky infographic. We’ve split the graphic into public places, heritage, amusement parks, markets, seaside attractions, nature based attractions and the world’s favourite museums. Do you think anywhere is missing from this list? Either way these places provide great inspiration for family holidays and we hope you enjoy perusing this worldwide selection!

top 50 tourist attractions

  1. Nicholas says:

    Actually the Air and space museum is not the most visited museum in the world you classified the musee du Louvre on world Heritage but is visited as a Museum and has 200 thousand more visitors

  2. I do like piers…

    Piers Morgan that is! He’s dreamy! 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s a bit US centric don’t you think ???

    So many places that are not mentionned, what about Tian’anmen square was in Beijing or the Gateway of India in Mumbai, the Ganges shore in Varanasi ?

    I know it’s easier to list almost only US info and not go further but be serious …

  4. Really interesting information in this pic. My favourite bit was the ‘Did You Know’ box. I liked its retro style.

  5. Under Heritage, the reason why Union Station and Grand Central is so high up is only because they are transportation terminals in very large commuter cities. Kind of cheating, compared to the other sites.

    And people aren’t visiting the American Niagara Falls, its the Canadian Horseshoe falls they go to see.

  6. Interesting! Really enjoyed that


  7. Wow, I really am a tourist – been to 39 of the 50, including all of the first 23! And ten of the remaining eleven (mainly disney variations) I have no desire to ever go to. Cool info graphic though

  8. Dylan says:

    Niagara Falls is typo’d and it’s the Canadian side where the tourists gather; it has Clifton Hill, Skylon Tower, the larger of the two falls and the more profitable casinos.

  9. I think you left out some of the most amazing places on earth! This list is more or less concentrated in the US region.

  10. Niagara Falls is also in CANADA!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Waaw its amazing places in the world

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