Oct 19, 2011

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Top Destinations for Adrenaline Junkies

For some people, holidays are all about relaxation with the most extreme activity being the cracking open of the latest Tom Clancy. But for some crazy types that fortnight away is all about adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding, mouth-watering action. If you’re tempted to take your vacation with an added dash of danger, here are a few extreme options.


What could possibly make bungee jumping even more nerve jangling? How about adding skis into the equation? In the Haute-Savoie region of France, you can now bungee off a ramp, on skis, snowboard or sled, for added spice. It has to be seen to be believed.

Fancy a tranquil dip? Bungee Jump into the water!

Fancy a tranquil dip? Bungee Jump into the water!

In New Zealand, the home nation of all things extreme, you can now bungee side to side on a swing, rather than the traditional violently up and down in a new horror known as the Cliff Hanger. And whatever New Zealand can do, Rotherham can do better. Do you dare enter the Abyss at the Magna science centre, where you jump in semi-darkness with video screens and lighting effects adding to the tension?


If you think swimming with sharks has lost its bite, why not try a snappier alternative? Head to the Cango Wildlife Ranch in Oudtshoorn South Africa and dive in a crocodile infested waters with only a flimsy metal cage to protect you. Fancy something a little chillier and less crocodile-based? How about scuba diving between tectonic plates in the glacial waters of Iceland? Or of you like your watery thrill to be slightly more inflatable, try inner-tubing at the UK’s first artificial white-water rafting centre in Northampton.


Never fully recovered since that initial viewing of Top Gun? You’re in luck, as you can get a taste of jet-fighter fun as you fly an actual MiG plane over the skies of Moscow. Or if that seems too mainstream and pedestrian, then pop over to Canada for a spot of afternoon Heli-Skiing, where you take a chopper to the liveliest slopes in the perfectly, pristine wilderness. Or if you prefer your thrill seeking with a slap up cream tea, try skydiving in Jersey, at one of the few places in the world where you can freefall and then land on a beach.


Fast, efficient and leather-trousers are always perfectly acceptable; a motorbiking holiday is the perfect way to add a dash of adrenaline to any touring opportunity. If speed is high on your agenda, then head to Germany, where road cameras are infrequent and speed limits are sniggered at. Wheeltrax offer various tours around the hairpin bends of Germany on a high-powered superbike. If you fancy something a little more exotic, why take in the far-flung sights of Mongolia on board a Yamaha, seeking out the most remote sights with a few wheelies thrown in. Or for something slightly more sedate, but still more thrilling than an episode of Last of the Summer Wine, tour the glorious Highlands and Glens of Scotland on two wheels.


Had enough of beaches and find yourself bored by the sand? Then how about Sandboarding? Take to the incredible deserts and dunes of Namibia and spend your days powering down the slopes, surrounded by some of the most incredible landscape on the globe. Getting a bit tired of Blackpool? Perhaps you’d find diving in a submersible to the legendary wreck of the Titanic more to your tastes. Deep Ocean Expeditions offer exploratory trips to the ship bang slap in the middle of the Atlantic. But beware, trips are rare and expensive. If that daily stroll to Londis for a white sliced is no longer floating your boat, a trekking holiday along Peru’s Inca Trail offers adventure with a focus on responsible tourism. And if you just have far too much money and nothing suggested here is simply thrilling enough, the ultimate getaway may be a Virgin Galactic space trip. There’s no launch date yet, but if you have a spare £200K knocking about you can book your flight into the stratosphere.

About the Author: Dale Shaw currently writes for Wish.co.uk who provide a selection of activities including flying lessons and adrenaline busting driving experience days.

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