Nov 11, 2010

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Travel Q+A with Kate Garraway

Kate GarrawayKate Garraway is the Entertainment Editor of ITV’s Daybreak programme, where mingling with Hollywood’s elite and digging into the latest celebrity gossip is all part of the job. She also has a weekly column in New! magazine. Married with two children, she lives in Islington, London and has recently founded her own business, which gives people the chance to get discounts of 30-70% on restaurants, hotels, salons and much more. We chatted with Kate to find out about her views on travelling and her favourite experiences.

TS – Where is your favourite holiday destination?
KG – How do you answer a question like that? In recent years I’ve loved Egypt, Croatia and Tunisia and we’ve found Mark Warner to be fabulous with the kids. We also go to Padstow in Cornwall every year with my whole extended family and make regular visits to the entertainment mecca that is Blackpool (Seriously, if you haven’t been to the Tower Circus you are missing a great treat).

Kate in Lake Como

Kate in Lake Como

But my all time favourite trip was to Bellagio, on Lake Como. It was just after I met my husband and it was that all important first time away together. Apart from his ridiculous outfit of linen shorts, Panama hat and walking cane (which I at first assumed was a joke but I am afraid wasn’t!) it was pretty perfect. We swam in the lake, ate delicious food, stumbled on a crazy religious feast in one of the villages and felt as though we had discovered hidden paradise, which is ridiculous as millions of people go there every year, though it never seemed crowded or even “touristy”. Sadly we did not get an invitation from George Clooney but we did see his beautiful lakeside house on one of our boat trips. (see more of Kate’s holiday snaps here)

TS – Have you ever had a holiday disaster? If so, where was it?
KG – Not really – ooh I had better touch wood quickly! I have had plenty of very wet camping holidays in Wales but once you get used to walking in the rain it’s actually rather enjoyable. My luggage went missing on a weekend trip to visit a friend in Spain. But I got to borrow her clothes – which were much cooler than mine- and my luggage was returned, so no disaster really!

TS – Where is the most romantic destination you have been to?
KG – Can I be a bit cheesy and say the Seychelles where we had our honeymoon. It was a wonderful place called Sainte Anne and my husband has promised to take me back there for our 6th anniversary next year. I can’t wait. You can have candle lit meals on the beach while the sun goes down, it doesn’t get any more romantic than that!

The romantic Seychelles. Image by dibaer @ flickr

The romantic Seychelles

TS – How have holidays changed since your children arrived?
KG – What a question. Completely. I used to get off the plane and sleep and flop for the first few days at least, Our friend Juliet says they’re no longer holidays, just childcare in a different location. But of course even though you might lose days of lazing by the pool you gain so much in seeing the trip through your child’s eyes and having fun with them. We do make sure we go off on long weekends once in a while though – we’ve found La Residence in Tunisia perfect for that – and of course Paris, where, as a treat, we love to stay at the Crillon Hotel.

TS – Where was the nicest meal you have had whilst on holiday?
KG – Take away fish and chips eaten on Padstow harbour – delicious. We go there every year and the whole family tucks in after a long walk along the cliffs. I wouldn’t want to be in the queue behind us. At the other extreme, the restaurant at the Crillon is amazing. Once, after the most sublime lobster, for dessert they served something which, I kid you not, was exactly like “Spacedust” which those of you of my generation will remember well!

TS – Where has been the most expensive destination you have been to?
KG – The Crillon is pretty steep, the Seychelles too. I wouldn’t go into debt for a holiday but I don’t begrudge spending the most I can afford. I’d rather have a brilliant holiday than new jewellery or designer clothes , I feel like I am building family memories that are priceless.

TS – What three things can’t you travel without?
KG – Mosquito repellent – there’s nothing more miserable than being covered in bites. Pashmina style scarf – it serves as a sarong, beach mat, extra warm layer and wound round the shoulders can make even a vest top look “evening-ish”. If we have the kids with us, a battery powered DVD player of some sort – then Peppa Pig can give you half an hour’s breather anywhere.

TS – Is there anywhere left on your holiday wish list?
KG – I have always wanted to go to India.

India is still on Kate's wishlist

India is still on Kate's wishlist

TS – Who would you most like to sit next to on a long haul flight?
KG – Now, how naff would it be if I said my husband but it is probably true. If not him Prince Charles, I think he’s a really clever guy and we’ve never gotten to know the real man behind the image.

TS – And who would you least like to sit next to?!
KG – Anyone that snores!

TS –  Do you think space travel will be the next big thing? And would you like to go?!
KG – You know once air travel was a pipedream so, yes, it will happen, and yes, I’d love to go, wouldn’t anyone?

TS – What is your favourite type of holiday? City break, ski break, resort based sunshine break or something more adventurous?
KG – All of the above, depending on mood. But ultimately for me, a resort with a beach and a pool, with some gorgeous little villages and a bit of history nearby hits the spot.

TS – Tell us five things you love about travelling
KG – Seeing new places, meeting new people, finding out about other cultures, recharging my batteries, – oh, and yes, trying out some new shops…

TS – What annoys you most about booking a holiday / travelling?
KG – Nothing really, choosing and organising a trip is half the fun of it, I think but I do like people to be honest about what you’ll be getting.

TS – How do you book your holidays? Do you do it yourself online or at a travel agent or do you have a holiday planner? Do you compare prices to find the best deal?
KG – Well, I do usually use a travel agent but because of my new business I’m getting more used to looking for the best prices online, that’s how we booked the Crillon last time we went and it was a good 30% off.


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