Oct 19, 2010

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Travel Q&A with Sarah Beeny

sarahbeeny1Property expert, Sarah Beeny is probably best known for presenting channel 4’s prime time show ‘Property Ladder’.  As well as her television work, Sarah has recently launched a new website www.tepilo.com which enables house sellers and purchasers to by-pass the estate agent and benefit from Sarah’s wealth of experience along the way.  We caught up with Sarah to ask her about her travel experiences and preferences…

1. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

I think I’d have to say Italy – it has lovely weather, wine and food.

2. Have you ever had a holiday disaster? If so, where was it?

I’ve had masses of disastrous holidays – we are not very good at going on holiday to be honest – we had a terrible one in Tunisia where we got food poisoning and everything went wrong.

3. Where is the most romantic destination you have been to?

I think Venice takes a lot of beating.

Sarah's favourite romantic destination

Sarah's favourite romantic destination

4. How have holidays changed since your children arrived?
Very much so – we used to really enjoy city breaks and very expensive hotels but that doesn’t work on so many levels now it’s not true!  Now it’s tricky to find a hotel that will take all six of us on one room!

5. Where was the nicest meal you have had whilst on holiday?
Château de Nieuil – near Charente in France.

6. Where has been the most expensive destination you have been to?
Probably skiing in France in the Three Valleys.

7. What three things can’t you travel without? (Excluding your passport!)
Back up credit cards – I reckon you can buy anything you really need as long as you have enough plastic – a good book and anything that keeps the children entertained.

8. Is there anywhere left on your holiday wish list?
Masses – I would love to go to the Maldives – or anywhere you can swim with turtles.

Still on Sarah's wishlist - the Maldives

Still on Sarah's wishlist - the Maldives

9. Who would you most like to sit next to on a long haul flight?
Someone very unsociable I think – if you started to chat it might be difficult to stop!

10. And who would you least like to sit next to?!
My kids!!!

11. Do you think space travel will be the next big thing? And would you like to go?!

I think it will be around in the next few decades – I am not sure it would be for me as I am a bit claustrophobic and a space shuttle sounds horrible to be in.

12. What is your favourite type of holiday? City break, ski break, resort based sunshine break or something more adventurous?
Not much beats skiing for me – though anything with a quiet private beach is pretty high on my list too.  We really enjoy fishing etc. in Anglesey every year.

Skiing in the Three Valleys, second only to Anglesey

Skiing in the Three Valleys, second only to Anglesey in Sarah's favourite holiday hotspots!

13. Tell us five things you love about travelling
•    Hot weather
•    Warm evenings
•    Spending all day and evening with my kids without people looking like I should send them to bed
•    Seeing different cultures
•    Trying food I have no experience of

14. What annoys you most about booking a holiday / travelling?
Packing – and even worse – unpacking!

15. How do you book your holidays? Do you do it yourself online or at a travel agent or do you have a holiday planner? Do you compare prices to find the best deal?
I do a variety of things but generally I go on personal recommendation – I did ask on Twitter last week if anyone had any good tips and got some good ones back.  It’s tricky with four children to find places suitable for us.


Images in this article are used under the Creative Commons licence and sourced from the following Flickr users:

Venice by Tambako
Maldives by Nattu
Three Valleys by Roogi

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