Majestic mountains of sunny Albania

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Albania is a country of stunning landscapes with a rich history exemplified in its many castles and medieval cities. Now recovering from its communist past, Albania is becoming a popular destination for tourists.

Why go?

Book car hire in Albania and tour a European nation like no other. This place will surprise, delight and no doubt leave you wanting more...

Albania sits at the edge of the dazzling Ionian and Adriatic seas, staring out across the water to the heel of Italy's boot. Montenegro is north of Albania, while Greece snuggles up to its southern border.

When you arrive at Tirana Airport (TIA), also known as Rinas Mother Teresa Airport, you can take advantage of car hire in Albania to explore not just the museums and monuments of the capital city, Tirana, but also the medieval towns, Ottoman castles and citadels that dot the countryside.

And when you've had your fill of historic landmarks, make a beeline for the coast, where stunning beaches claim the hearts of many visitors.
All kinds of holidays can be enjoyed in Albania, not just city breaks and seaside trips. The country is fast gaining a reputation as a centre for outdoor activities, with the nation's magnificent mountains providing the perfect backdrop for adrenaline-fuelled adventures.

Albania is cheap, too. Think Spain decades ago. Albania car rental is good value, as are food, drink and hotels, so you can enjoy a budget break in this ever-changing nation.

Albania car hire, which requires a full UK driving licence, is available to explore every facet of a fascinating country. Booking car hire in advance will secure the cheapest deals. You can arrange to collect your car at the airport or at one of the downtown locations across Albania.

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Where to explore?

When you rent a car in Albania you are free to explore the towns, cities, beaches and mountains that make up this spectacular landscape... 

The ancient port of Butrint is in the south-west of Albania, close to the Greek border, and one of the most spectacular sites on the Ionian and Adriatic coasts. Inhabited since prehistoric times, it was a Greek colony, a Roman city and a bishopric before falling into disuse in the Middle Ages. Also in southern Albania is Byllis, a city established in the 4th century with a stadium, gymnasium and many other buildings.

The medieval towns of Kruja, Gjirokastra, the so-called White City of Berat, Saranda and Korca are all worth a visit as there are plenty of castles, ancient buildings and monuments to explore.

Tirana, rapidly becoming a commercial centre, combines the historic with the modern. One notable feature is the controversial Pyramid of Enver Hoxha that celebrates Albania's former communist leader. During Hoxha's 44-year rule as a Stalinist dictator, the films of British slapstick comedian Norman Wisdom were the only western entertainment allowed. Wisdom was granted the freedom of Tirana in 1995 after the fall of communism. Albanians plunged into mourning when he died in 2010 and still revere the comedian.

Albania is becoming a popular destination for activity holidays. You can go hiking or cycling in the Tomorri Massif mountains or across the Albanian Alps in the north. You can also try white-water rafting through the canyons of the Osumi River or go walking in the 2,500 acres of the Llogara national park, where the trees have been oddly shaped by the winds.