The coast off Tipasa, Algeria 

Algeria is a fascinating country which has plenty to offer visitors, especially if you're looking to immerse yourself in a remarkable culture and explore some fantastic and unique landscapes and cities.

Flying into Houari Boumediene Airport (ALG) on the outskirts of the nation's capital, Algiers, allows visitors to make use of Algeria car hire to travel around this fascinating country at their own pace and see the sights that appeal the most.

Algeria has a Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters, but is probably best seen between June and September, when the weather is sunny and hot but moderated by the cool breeze off the sea.

The countryside in the north of Algeria, especially in the region around the capital, is predominantly rich farmland which is able to thrive due to the moderate climate. Further south, car hire in Algeria will allow visitors to explore the Sahara desert, which covers approximately four-fifths of the country. Highlights in this region include palm oases located among the iconic rolling dunes of sand. One of the best oasis cities to visit is Djanet, situated in the south east of the country, which has a rich indigenous Tuareg culture.

For many, however, the main draw of a trip to Algeria is the northern part of the country, with towns such as Tipasa and Batna, which are surrounded by shady olive groves, as well as the capital and largest city, Algiers. This bustling coastal metropolis, renowned for its majestic white buildings that appear to rise up out of the sea, has many great sites to visit, including the commanding Kasbah, the bustling medina and the sprawling Jardin d'Essai, which contain many exotic plants. Algiers also has a rich religious heritage and the Catholic church of Notre Dame d'Afrique and the numerous significant mosques are all worth a visit.

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