Andorra is one of Europe's hidden treasures - nestled on the France/Spain border, it is a fantastic place to go skiing and owing to it's status as a tax haven, a great place to pick up your duty-frees goods. Andorra-La-Vella is the capital of Andorra, and as a result is a base for most people should they visit the area.

Car hire in Andorra-La-Vella is almost a necessity - with Andorra's rocky and mountainous terrain, the nearest airport is around three hours away in either Toulouse or Barcelona, and the town doesn't have a train station. Of course, if you're going to need a car, it's in your best interests to find cheap car hire in Andorra-La-Vella, and with our quick search form on the left hand side of the page, we can find the best deal  in minutes.

Andorra-La-Vella car hire will make your trip to the Pyrenees far more interesting - whether you're staying in the town itself, travelling east to France or west to Spain, a car will make travelling round the predominantly snowy landscape far less difficult, as Andorra-La-Vella marks the point where the main routes to the border meet. To the north, and only a short journey away by car, is the principality of La Massana - home of the tallest mountain in Andorra (Coma Pedrosa at 2,942m.

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