Eagle Beach, Aruba on a warm, sunny day 

Aruba is a famous, former Dutch colony and a gorgeous island in the Caribbean. It's known for its Orangestad capital, aloe vera plants, colourful painted buildings, white sandy beaches and warm sea. It is hugely popular with many thousands of tourists who fly over each year for winter beach holidays.

The culture of the island has been created by a vast array of influences including Dutch traders, pirates, Indians and slaves and this melting pot is reflected in nearby Bonaire and Curacao. Although these islands are in the East Caribbean, they feel very different, with a strong Spanish feel combined with Dutch and African.

Winter is definitely the time to travel for gorgeous weather. Shopping is excellent on the island and very popular with designer fans on cruises. Other attractions include Arikok National Wildlife Park, the historical gold mines, California Lighthouse, Santa Cruz and Bibali Bird Sanctuary. Sports and outdoor activities are very popular such as golf and hiking, along with water sports like diving, snorkelling and sailing. The Carnival in January is also a huge tourist draw, so it's worth booking your accommodation beforehand.

Aruba also has miles of incredible beaches and is very popular with package holidays. Its main town of Orangestad is compact and pretty. In terms of car hire in Aruba, you can either organise an airport car hire pick up at Reina Beatrix Airport AUA or organise Aruba car hire in the town itself. Car hire is ideal for venturing further afield and seeing the uncrowded beaches at Aruba's further ends. It's also good for exploring Arikok National Wildlife Park, which is full of abandoned gold mines, cacti and aloe vera plants.

Above all though, Aruba is a perfect place for doing very little and its great charm lies in its incredible hospitality and cordial atmosphere. For many, this is a paradise that they return to year after year. To find the best price on car hire in Aruba, use TravelSupermarket's search tool above.