The beautiful Gloriette in the Schönbrunn Palace Garden, Vienna

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Austria's stylish capital city mixes elegant antiquity with a mesmerising flash of fashionable and modern delights. It's an intricate jewellery box packed full of treasures. The key to unlocking it is to rent a car in Vienna.

Why go?

If this city were any more stylish, it would be set to music. Read on to find out what to see and do in Vienna...

There are many attractions in Vienna, including museums such as the Leopold Museum and Museum of Modern Art, which are located in the Museum Quarter. Other popular museums include the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Fine Art Museum) and the Natural History Museum. The Belvedere Palace, built by Prince Eugene of Savoy, is home to the world's largest Klimt collection and the Art House Vienna (Kunsthaus Wien) houses a permanent Hundertwasser exhibition.

Schönbrunn Palace is the most popular attraction in Austria, containing imperial collections of the Habsburg Monarchy, extensive gardens and museums. St Charles' Church was the last work of the architect Fischer von Erlach and there are vast lengths of frescoes in the church. One way to see the variety of architecture in Vienna is to ride in a traditional horse-drawn carriage through the city centre.

Many of the outdoor locations in the classic film The Third Man were shot in Vienna and there are tours available of these locations. The Prater is the most visited funfair in Vienna and is home to a giant Ferris wheel erected in 1897.

Vienna has been home to many famous composers, including Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss. As well as formal musical performances, there are also concert cafés for live performances. The Vienna State Opera has opera or ballet performances almost every night of the week and there is the opportunity to tour the opera house.

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Where to explore?

From the tight city centre streets, to the wide open parks and beyond, Vienna car hire gives you the freedom to roam...

For those who are considering car hire in Vienna, there is plenty to see outside of the city, such as the Vienna Alps and the Danube Valley. These allow visitors to experience mountain scenery, green alpine meadows and, of course, the famous Danube river.

With car rental, Vienna and the rest of Austria are there to be experienced. So enjoy the opportunity to take to the excellent open roads and head west to Salzburg. It takes less than three hours to drive to one of Europe's most picturesque cities. The spectacular view that greets the final stage of your journey is the magnificent sight of Hohensalzburg Castle. It's one of the largest and best-preserved medieval castles in the world and stands watch over an equally impressive city.

Before reaching Salzburg, you could also swing by one of the most scenic places you're ever likely to see - Hallstatt. Here you'll find a glamorous baroque village built upon the fortunes of salt production. You can even visit an underground salt lake.

If you really want to take advantage of Vienna car hire, spend the day driving the Grossglockner Alpine Road. It may take four hours to reach this dream highway and go up to the Kaiser Franz Josefs Höhe Visitor Centre, but the views are possibly the best in Europe.