Nyhaven Canal in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is one of three countries that make up the Scandinavian region. It consists of a large peninsula and many small islands and it is an exciting, intriguing place to visit. Visitors travel there for the food, the landscape and a taste of Viking culture.

Travellers commonly arrive in the capital city, Copenhagen, at Copenhagen Airport CPH. Denmark car hire is popular with visitors and you can pick up a car from the airport to start exploring this beautiful country straight away!

Denmark has plenty of airports and car hire in Denmark is available from most of them. If you are flying into some of the other major cities you can avail of car hire from commonly used airports such as Aarhus (AAR), Esbjerg (EBJ), Aalborg (AAL) and Billund (BLL). Billund is the airport you need if you are looking to visit LEGOLAND.

The best time to visit is between late June and August, this is peak season when the weather is at its best. May and early June are also good times to visit. A lot of tourist destinations close in the winter period between October and April.

When you think of Denmark you think of a maritime nation, with a culture steeped in fishing and farming, the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson, Skagen watches and, of course, the majestic Vikings. This stunning country boasts some of the world's most enticing landscapes, the coastline and beaches in particular. Hiring a car will give you the flexibility to discover a variety of cities, towns and villages, including Bornholm, Silkeborg, Ribe Odense and Hillerod, where the beautiful royal residence of Frederiskbord Slot can be explored.

Frederiskbord Castle and Gardens in Hillerod, Denmark

Denmark is also a modern, forward-thinking country packed with outstanding restaurants, bars and a thriving music scene, particularly jazz. It is also the home of several world-renowned designers.

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