Beautiful Limoges, France

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Limoges is situated within the Limousin area of central France, and is a favourite with many Brits who regularly holiday here or have even bought property in the area. Car hire is essential to get around this part of the country and will make it far easier to make the most of your French break.

Why go?

This French city is renowned for its tableware, yet has much more to offer the traveller intent on exploring...

The medieval city central area harks back to a different time with its many ancient buildings slap bang in the centre of the city. Explore the alleyways and cobbled streets and enjoy the many shops and restaurants here and in the neighbouring areas.

Within the city you'll find the Galerie du Canal, celebrating the china, porcelain and enamelware which this city produces and is so famous for. The Porcelain Royal Limoges is the best place for enamelware, although don't get confused by seeing the word 'email' everywhere. This is NOT something to do with the world-wide web, but instead the French word for enamel.

There are several other places well worth visiting within the city, such as the Musee de la Resistance, celebrating the struggles during the second World War, or the beautiful St Michel des Lions church and the Cathedral de St Etienne.

There is also a popular aquarium and the intriguing Le Verdurier, an old meat store with its decorated walls.

Car rental can be arranged before you travel, and by booking from the UK you'll save money on walk up rates. Pick your vehicle up at Limoges Airport (LIG) or in one of the downtown locations.

Where to explore?

Heading out of the city there are plenty of places to explore in your rental car and the scenery is well worth the drive...

Take your car to explore the Vienne river valley and out to the Millevaches Plateau for panoramic views. Nearby Pont Saint Etienne will keep you occupied walking along the river embankments or taking to the water in boats.

There are a number of abbeys you can visit in the area, such as L'Abbaye de Boschaud which is reached on an easy walk through meadows and fields and is now in ruins.

The Grotte de Villars offers an underground cave system complete with pre-historic art and many stalactites and stalagmites. The Chateau de Bourdeilles has both a medieval fortress and a Renaissance Palace to explore and makes a great day out.

Finally, don't forget the deserted village of Oradour-sur-Glane. The town was set on fire on June 10, 1944 by the Nazis and the entire population executed. Since then the town has stood how it was left as a memorial to the horrors of that day. It's a poignant and emotional place to visit, and very challenging and rewarding in equal measures.