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Germany is a classic holiday destination for those who love culture, the arts, history, and excellent food and drink. Often overlooked by many as a holiday destination, it offers  fantastic city breaks and longer touring holidays where car hire will really help you to get more from your break.

Why go?

Germany is not short on places to visit. Car hire unlocks the country and will have you coming back for more after just one trip...

Whether you opt for the cutting-edge urban culture of Berlin, the beautiful northern beaches, the historic cities and wineries of the Rhineland, the Bavarian lakes, Black Forest or the Danube and Elbe Rivers, there are hundreds of fascinating places to explore.

In Germany car hire is a great travel option, as the autobahn network is famous worldwide for its efficient coverage and the lack of speed limits. You can organise care hire from all sizeable towns and cities but most people pick up their car from the airports, primarily the main entry points of Berlin Tegel (TXL) or Schoenfeld and soon to be Brandenburg (BER), Frankfurt (FRA), Hahn (HHN), Dusseldorf (DUS), Hamburg (HAM), Hannover (HAJ), Munich (MUC), Cologne (CGN), Dresden (DRS), Leipzig (LEJ), Bremen (BRE) and Stuttgart (STR).

With a hugely cosmopolitan feel, particularly within its more urban areas, Germany is certainly a great destination. It has over 80 million inhabitants and is a political and economic powerhouse and is also hugely influential in the arts and popular culture. You'll find yourself overwhelmed by the mass of history, progressive developments, gorgeous scenery and energetic cities. The people are friendly and often speak excellent English. The food and drink in Germany is also wonderfully diverse and delicious. Try traditional Wurst sausages, rich and hearty stews, German rye bread, noodle soups and the superb array of apple and cherry pies, flans and tarts that are on offer everywhere. You must of course, try the strudel too - real German strudel is a revelation!

March through to May and October to early November bring mild and pleasant weather, but fewer visitors. These can be great times for exploring the towns and cities or getting into your rental car and driving through the countryside on an exploratory trip.

April and May are gorgeous months if you wish to see orchards filled with fruit trees and meadows overflowing with glorious blooms. Autumn is also popular for those looking to catch an Indian summer and this isn't uncommon in Germany. November and March are very popular for both winter sports and city breaks. These are perfect times to visit all the museums, churches and indoor attractions in the cities.

The skiing season starts during December and continues until March, so there really are good times to visit all through the year and it's usually possible to get good prices for flights from London airports and regional airports around the UK.

Where to explore?

Once in the country, you can use your hire car in Germany to great effect and explore places to suit your tastes...

You could drive the Romantic Road in the country's southern regions to witness glorious countryside and rolling landscapes. Or visit the factories and car museums of BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche in cities such as Munich and Stuttgart. The Germans do love their cars and are understandably very proud of their automobile brands.

You'll notice the references to Germany's impact on the world as it was the birthplace of notable figures, including Goethe, Karl Marx, Einstein, Beethoven, Martin Luther and the Grimm Brothers. You're also bound to be impressed by the scenery.

Many travel simply to see the towering Bavarian Alps and beautifully blooming mountain pastures. Everywhere you look you'll see ancient forests, verdant vineyards and romantic valleys with flowing rivers.

Many of Germany's villages and towns are ancient and you'll find many castles and timber-decorated villages. In terms of when to travel, Germany is a great destination all year round and it's best to pick your travel time according to the type of holiday you want. May to September tend to be the most popular times and summer is certainly gorgeous for the outdoor life - the beer gardens are packed, there are festivals and outdoor activities galore and plenty of cycling, hiking and swimming to enjoy.

Many people visit Neuscwhanstein Castle, as well as the medieval town of Lübeck, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many other locations to choose from in this diverse and beautiful country and it is well worth trying to get off the beaten track to really discover the 'real' Germany and its people.

If you're a fan of the outdoors, drive up to the Alpine Peaks, where you can go skiing and snowboarding. Other great destinations include the cities of Dresden, Berlin, Cologne and Munich. Look out for the legendary Oktoberfest, which celebrates the national drink, beer.