Beach in front of Ipsos, Corfu, Kerkyra

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Corfu is the greenest and the second largest of the Ionian Islands, with a surprisingly British feel that keeps UK travellers returning year after year. It is blessed with warm sunshine from early spring until late autumn and is easily accessible on non-stop flights.

Why go?

As one of the main Greek islands for summer holidays, Corfu is geared up for travellers and is an excellent place to visit for a break...

Corfu is one of the best known islands in Greece, set amongst the glorious blue Ionian Sea with stunning views to mainland Greece and Albania. Located to the North West coast, the island is located to the east of Italy and Albania's south west coast. It has a rich history of foreign influences, including Britain and Venice.

Head to Corfu Town (also known as Kerkyra in Greek), which is the most important and sizeable town on Corfu Island. The airport is situated here and the cruise ships and ferries dock into the port. It's a pleasant and friendly city, very well set up for tourists.

Visitors fly into Corfu Airport (CFU) and the flight is very convenient from most European destinations and less than three hours in duration. The international airport of Kapodistrias is situated on the edge of Corfu town and it's both compact and modern. Regular charter flights come in throughout the day during the months of May to October and there are also domestic flights via Athens that run all year round.

It's also possible to travel in by boat and Corfu has a port on the edge of Corfu (or Kerkyra) town. There are ferries running here from the Greek mainland according to a regular schedule, alongside ferries running back and forth from Italy's ports in Ancona, Venice and Brindisi. Corfu's port tends also to be very popular with visiting cruise ships.

It's well worth considering the sort of terrain you're intending to explore during your trip, as your choice of car hire will be best matched to the requirements of your trip. For example, there are some winding and steep roads on the mountain paths, which many drivers actively seek out, in rugged 4-wheel drive or power cars for advanced driving. Others prefer to have smaller and more economical cars for visiting towns, the coast and countryside. There are also options for hiring minibuses, overnighters and off-road vehicles too, depending on your requirements. You'll need to bring your driving licence and copy of your insurance details and a credit card with you when you organise your Corfu car hire.

Where to explore?

With busy resorts and quiet inland villages, along with scenic landscapes, there are plenty of places to explore in your hire car...

Corfu is also steeped in the ancient fables of Odysseus and the writings of Homer. Whether you choose to visit historic sites such as Corfu's old town, fortress and citadel, or head to busy resorts such as Roda, Sidari, Arillas or others, you'll find plenty to entertain and delight you about Corfu.

You'll also find plenty of opportunities to get away from it all, with traditional and remote villages, hidden coves and glorious inland countryside framed by towering mountains. The beauty of Corfu has long been noted in the arts, with Homer raving about the beautiful and rich lands of the island and Odysseus making his last stop here before he went home to fabled Ithaki. Historians also believe that Corfu was the background to Shakespeare's Tempest. It's certainly beautiful, with glorious vistas of herbs, vegetables, wildflowers and cypress trees dotting the landscape, along with gorgeous olive groves and vineyards.

The island is also excellent for driving and many choose to bring their rental cars on the ferry if travelling across Europe. Car hire in Corfu is very easy to organise at the airport, port or in the town and the roads are in good condition and well signposted. The main resorts offer fantastic accommodation and leisure; look for Roda, Sidari, Arillas, Kassiopi, Benitses, Aghios Gordios, Paleokastritsa, Kontokali, Gouvia, Messonghi Beach, Nissaki and St. Georges - there's a huge range of choice!