Aerial view of Naples at night

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Naples is one of Italy's most charming cities and is a delight to explore either on foot or by car. It is the third largest municipality in Italy after Rome and Milan and has a history dating back to the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. It makes a great base for the Neapolitan Riviera.

Why go?

This exciting city is full of life, with very busy streets and a real sense of life everywhere you explore which will captivate you...

When you arrive at Capodichino Airport (NAP) pick up your car hire in Naples as a great way to see not only the city but also its delightful surroundings, both urban and rural.

Within Naples, there are many great sights to see. The city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest historic city centre in Europe. Key attractions include the Duomo, or cathedral, which is a magnificent 14th-century building which serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Naples and the Piazza Garibaldi an impressive town square which forms a central part of Naples.

The Museo di Capodimonte has an excellent collection of Neapolitan art (as well some Roman statues) and is situated in a vast Bourbon palace. In the city, most tourists are drawn to the Spaccanapoli, a long street whose name literally translates as 'Naples splitter' as it passes right through the centre of the city, dividing it in two.

In order to really get a feel for Naples you can explore the numerous palazzos and piazzas. You should also try the truly authentic handmade pizzas. They were invented here and the city is said to still produce the best in the world.

Where to explore?

Naples car hire doesn't just allow you to see the wonders of the city itself, but also its spectacular environs...

The Amalfi coast is a World Heritage Site and its abundance of natural beauty makes it easy to see why. There are numerous towns and lemon groves dotted along it. One particular highlight is the long winding cliff-top road that links Amalfi and Sorrento and offers spectacular views over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Other places along the coast worth a visit are the picturesque villages of Sant'Agnello, Positano and Maloro, offering quaint streets and great views. Off the coast lie two islands Ischia and Capri. The former is volcanic and is a draw as a result of its thermal springs while the latter is a cultural hub and can be reached by ferry.

One of the biggest attractions in the region around Naples is the impressive volcano of Vesuvius and the town of Pompeii. When Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, it coated Pompeii in ash and preserved it on an unprecedented scale, creating some of the most exquisite Roman ruins to be found anywhere on the continent. Just strolling through the ancient streets is an unforgettable experience. It's situated only half an hour's drive from the city and shouldn't be missed by any visitors to Naples.

One thing to remember about car hire is that parking in Naples is fairly difficult and the drivers are often inconsiderate so try to arrange off-road parking where possible.