Senegal is a country that offers year-round good weather, idyllic beaches and nature reserves with some of the best wildlife and bird-watching opportunities on the continent. In order to experience as much of the area as possible, it is a good idea to hire a car from an approved Senegal car hire company.

A trip to Senegal should start with the capital city of Dakar. Hire-car pick-up is available at Dakar Airport (DKR) and at several depots throughout the city. Dakar has traditional shopping bazaars, authentic restaurants such as La Palmeraie and cultural points of interest such as the IFAN Museum. Another popular tourist attraction is the Marches des HLM, an African fabric market. Also offering traditional African products is the craft market of Soumbedioune.

The benefit of car hire in Senegal is the accessibility it gives to major tourist attractions. Just five kilometres from Dakar there are the tropical gardens of Ferme de Djibelor. This site also contains a crocodile farm for those interested in getting up close to wildlife. Another area accessible by car is Saint Louis. This popular region of Senegal is home to cultural monuments, museums and international festivals. A drive north of Dakar takes you to the salt lake known as Lac Rose, where the best time to visit is during the dry season when the water turns pink.

To the south of the country is the Casamance River. This region is a picturesque area of orchards, forests and beaches. The Casamance region is also home to Cap Skiring, a popular seaside resort. Cap Skiring Airport (CSK) also offers Senegal car hire.

Some of Senegal's tourist attractions cannot be reached by car. For example, Ile de Goree is an island off the coast which is famous for its role in the trading of slaves. A popular tourist highlight is the Maison des Esclaves, which is now a museum.

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