Seoul city skyline lit up at night, South Korea 

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, famously hosted the Olympic Games in 1988 and carrying on with the sporting theme, Busan was one of the cities which hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Drawing thousands of tourists every year, the country also offers a wealth of natural sights and wonders.

Seoul, which is a busy modern city, is in the province of Gyeonnigido. It is served by Seoul Incheon Airport (SEL). Standing tall at 262 metres, Mount Namsan is located in the southern suburbs of Seoul. The area has been designated as a public park and is popular with walkers and hikers. Korea car hire gives visitors the freedom to travel around the country and visit coastal cities such as Gyeongju.

Suncheonman Bay is a coastal estuary which is ideal for leisurely walks. It is famed for its reed fields and is an ecologically important area which is home to a number of different species of birds such as cranes and swans. Jejudo Island, of which Jeju is the capital, contains the World Heritage Site of Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes. Gangwon-do province is rich with mountains and parks, including Mount Seorak National Park, along with many beautiful beaches.

To experience Korean culture, take a trip by car to Jeollado. This is a region in the south west of Korea and is well known for its traditional music. In Jeonju, the food is a big draw for visitors, as well as the many historical buildings. Its rural location lends itself well to sporting activities and it has a zoo and many parks. Jeonju also hosts an annual international film festival. Damyang is also well known for its agricultural produce, including strawberries and bamboo goods.

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