Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and has a population of over 10.5 million people. It's one of East Asia's cultural and financial epicentres and an incredible visitor destination, offering excitement, many attractions, great shopping, food and entertainment and reasonable prices. It's also incredibly safe and mixes old and new Asia beautifully.

Most visitors will come into Seoul Incheon Airport (ICN), which is located around 52 kilometres west of Seoul and is also close to Sindo. From here, there's an incredibly well-laid-out road system into the city and beyond. Car hire is the best option for those seeking to explore the areas around the city centre. Some people prefer to swap Seoul car hire for public transport and the underground system in the dense city centre, but car rentals remain the best way to remain flexible and see as much as you can during your stay.

The city offers much for visitors, as it's the world capital of design and an astoundingly full-on technological city where free high-speed Wi-Fi is even offered on the underground. And yet it also remains true to its cultural heritage. Must-see visitor attractions include the old Royal Palaces and fortress walls, Namdaemun Gate, the City hall, Han River Parks and for design lovers, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Check out the many night-time markets too.

Spring and autumn are lovely times to visit Seoul, but winter is popular with those who want to take advantage of all the indoor attractions.

Beyond the metropolis lies a different feast for the senses and your car rental will whisk you away to the stunning South Korean countryside. Look for the many temples, the mountains and wonderful landscapes and head to nearby Geyongju, Ddadohae Haesang National Park and Buyeo.

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