Image of La Coruna Port, Spain

La-Coruna (or A Coruua) is a city in the Galacia area of Spain. Situated in the north west of Spain, the city is the capital of a Province of the same name and has a busy port on the Atlantic Ocean.

Visitors to the Province fly into La-Coruna Airport (LCG) which was previously known as Alvedro. At only around 5 miles from the city centre, the airport is conveniently located to allow you get you trip off to a quick and easy start.

La-Coruna Car hire is easy to organise and you can collect your vehicle as soon as you land and clear customs etc. La-Coruna and indeed Spain as a whole has a wealth of culture and history to be explored and Car hire in La-Coruna is a great way to see as much of this as possible.

La-Coruna dates back thousands of years and the old city has many attractions including la Castillo de San Anton which today houses an archaeological museum. Built in the 16th Century along with the Castillo de San Diego and the Castillo de Santa Cruz, these buildings comprised a strategically placed network of castles to defend the city.

For a more modern museum visit the Casa del Hombre or Domas Museum. This translates literally as House of Man and is a modern interactive museum examining human beings as a species.Image of Hercules Tower in La Coruna, Spain

Dating back to the 12th Century, Santiago Church is the oldest of La Coruna's churches. Constructed a little later between the late 17th and early 20th Century is San Jorge Church, both of these are interesting places to visit.

La Coruna's most famous resident has to be the 16th Century Maria Pita. Following the defeat of the Spanish Armada which set sail from La Coruna, England retaliated and attacked the city. Maria Pita led the defence of this attack and has been known as La Coruna's heroine ever since. La Coruna's main Plaza is named after this remarkable woman.

The Seafront Promenade offers a fabulous opportunity for a particularly picturesque stroll. Start off at La Marina and you can walk the length of the peninsula. It may take you a while, but it is worth it. You can actually take in a lot of sights this way and is a great place to look for a breeze on a warm afternoon.

If you have taken advantage of La-Coruna Car hire then getting out and about to the many beaches that surround the area will not be a problem. The closest are Playa del Orzan and Playa Riazor. Being on the Atlantic, both of these offer great surfing opportunities. A little further out are Santiago de Compostela, Pontevedra and Pescaderia all offering some great bars, beaches and caffs. Car hire in La-Coruna is a must if you want to get out further along the coast and visit the mountains.

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