Santiago de Compostela Skyline

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Excellent seafood and wines, beautiful stretches of green land and a strong Celtic history makes Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, a popular Spanish city for tourists. And with its vast landscapes, taking out car hire in Santiago-de-Compostela is the perfect way to travel.

Santiago de Compostela St James Cathedral

Santiago de Compostela's most iconic landmark is its cathedral, which was built in memory of St.James. The cathedral of Santiago is situated around 10.5 miles from the city's main airport, which is around a 20 minute drive traffic permitting.

The best month to visit Santiago de Compostela is July, as you can take part in the Feast Day of Saint James, a very important celebration for Spanish catholics. Temperatures during July average between 13 and 24°C, be sure to keep additional water in your hire car to help avoid dehydration. Winters on the other hand can be quite chilly, Spain isn't just famous for beaches and parasols!

You can collect and drop off your hire car from Santiago-de-Compostela's airport, be aware that in Spain they drive on the right, and familiarise yourself with their highway code.