Vitoria Town Square

Vitoria is a mid-size town with a very medieval feel to it and is privileged to have the only elevation in the plain of Alava, meaning that the views from this town are definitely a reason to visit. 

Vitoria car rental can mean that many holiday makers have the freedom to explore their new temporary home at their leisure and really experience the sites and sounds of the area.

Vitoria Bell Tower

One of the many sites you could visit whilst in Vitoria is the Cathedral of Santa Maria.  This fourteenth century building is beautifully decorated with statues and Gothic images.  You can see paintings by Rubes and van Dyck.  This cathedral is famous with experts around the world for its architectural curiosities, including deformations which it suffered due to reforms and previous restorations.  If you're interested in archaeology then the Museum of Archaeology may be something of interest to you as it houses many Roman Sculptures found in Alava and many medieval pieces.  The museum building is a house of wood lattice of the sixteenth century.

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Picking up your car hire at Vitoria airport eliminates any difficulties and hassle associated with taking public transport straight into the city centre after your flight. Flights from the UK to Vitoria will take around 2 hours so it's an ideal place for a short weekend holiday.