Blue waters along the coast of St Kitts with Nevis behind

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The Caribbean is full of treasures draped in colonial history, giving each nation style and personality that are seldom matched. St Kitts and Nevis certainly have both qualities in abundance. Make use of St Kitts and Nevis car rental to see this holiday hotspot really strut her stuff.

Why go?

From the pristine beaches to rainforest-coated mountains, this is a place where natural beauty smiles at you from every corner...

The stunning Caribbean islands of St Kitts and Nevis were discovered by Columbus in 1493 and colonised by the British for the sugar trade in 1623. They are now an immensely popular destination with tourists from all over the world. That doesn't mean that a vacation here will be spoiled by crowds of people, however. This twin-island nation has plenty of stunning places that are off the beaten track to ensure that your holiday is peaceful and free from interruptions.

After arriving in Robert Bradshaw International Airport (SKB), car hire in St Kitts and Nevis is easy to arrange and is a great way to explore all the hidden gems that the islands have to offer. There are miles of white sandy beaches, such as those in Frigate Bay, and plenty of opportunities for water sports, diving, hiking and sailing at many locations throughout the islands. You can visit Turtle Beach or the Valley of the Giants. Or why not take a hike to see the island's smouldering volcanoes?

Whatever you choose to do on these paradise islands, the best way to enjoy your visit is to rent a car in St Kitts and Nevis. To save cash on car hire, use TravelSupermarket to compare prices and find yourself the best deal. Pre-booking is almost always the least expensive option.

Where to explore?

Car rental in St Kitts and Nevis is essential if you want to taste the many flavours that make up this delightful Caribbean dish...

Car rental in St Kitts and Nevis is essential if you want to get around the many sights and attractions that are on offer.

One of your first ports of call should be Brimstone Hill Fortress. Overlooking St Kitts from a 240m-high vantage point, it is one of the most impressive 17th-century fortifications constructed by the British in the Caribbean.

Further throwbacks to British governance of the islands can be seen in Old Road - the Empire's first town in the Caribbean. It was established by a handful of settlers in 1623 and the architecture has the distinct flavour of an English town. This is also evident at nearby Romney Manor, a former sugar plantation.

The rainforests of this tropical paradise provide wonderful hiking opportunities and a visit to Sofa Rock is simply not to be missed. St Kitts and Nevis car hire will enable you to make the most of the more remote locations on the islands and is essential when you consider that a quarter of the country is a designated national park.

You will find a lively nightlife and some great shopping opportunities in the capital cities. Charleston on Nevis and Basseterre on St Kitts offer plenty of fantastic restaurants, bars and grills, so you can experience authentic Caribbean cuisine in a relaxed and inviting environment. This tropical island paradise, with its exceptional ferry links, has something to offer everyone who visits.

The islands offer a stunning collection of holiday highlights. From serene beaches and private coves to breath-taking mountain trails and long walks in the rainforest. Add to that a few enthusiastic nights out in the buzzing cities, plus a curious melting pot of English and French influences, and you have the ingredients for a great holiday.