Sunset over the countryside in Swaziland 

Swaziland is a compact and beautiful country in southern Africa which is best toured by car. It has maintained one of the world's last absolute monarchies and the reigning king marries many wives from all sections of society. Highlights of a tour of Swaziland include tracking elephants in Hlane Royal National Park and a visit to the stunning Eluwzini Valley.

Using Swaziland car hire to travel around the country is ideal. With picturesque villages, nature reserves and beautiful landscapes, it offers the best of Africa in one small area and the weather is pleasant all year round.

Swaziland's financial centre is Manzini and visitors travelling by air will arrive at Matsapha Airport (MTS). The town is a shopper's paradise and from here it is only a 30-minute drive along the MR3 to the country's peaceful capital, Mbabane. This is a quieter, more relaxed place compared to many other African capitals. It's a charming small town that's easy to walk around and a good place to use as a base if you want to drive to other places in Swaziland.

Hlane Royal National Park is one of the major attractions and is home to a vast array of plant, bird and animal species. It's a good place to visit by car as you can drive your own vehicle through the park.

The beautiful Eluwzini Valley is close to Mbabane. It is surrounded by imposing mountains, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries and has some excellent tourist facilities such as casinos, golf course and hotels.

The valley and town of Malkerns is worth a visit if you are looking to purchase locally made handicrafts or indulge in any outdoor activities such as white-water rafting. Piggs Peak, a town in the north of Swaziland, has a rich gold mining history and is also a popular destination for visitors.

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