A row of colourful buildings along a harbour in Sweden

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From the cities of the south, where streets and buildings straight out of fairy tales glow in the lights of Christmas markets, to the frozen and mesmerizingly beautiful landscapes of the north, Sweden is a true wonderland for tourists.

Why go?

Book car hire in Sweden and see the best bits of this nation in comfort and at a speed that suits your sightseeing desires...

Stretched between the lengths of neighbours Norway and Finland, Sweden is the filling of this tasty Scandinavian sandwich. Amid stunning vistas carved by nature and magical cities created by man, you'll discover a destination that is hot on the foodie hit list, a surprising paradise for golfers and a nation packed with family-friendly fun as well as more than enough opportunities to set the adrenaline racing. It's wise to book car rental; Sweden will welcome you, excite you and beg to have every inch explored as you fall in love with this northern European beauty.

Tour the cities of the south, where old towns, palaces and museums offer glimpses into the past. You should also book a table, pull up a seat and discover modern Sweden, a nation that has shaken up its menus and journeyed into the future of cuisine.

Of course it's not all about urban areas in the south of Sweden. Endless plains, broken only by a tree-line here and there, give way to a rocky shoreline punctuated by ribbons of pristine beach. Islands dot the seas and reveal secrets of Vikings. And place names from the pages of your Ikea catalogue come to colourful life, rapidly piecing together history, culture, food and a warm welcome faster than you can assemble a bookcase.

The mountainous spine of Sweden sweeps far into the south too, so skiers can combine city breaks with thrilling swooshes down snow-laden slopes. Sweden car hire allows visitors to traverse the distances between the main attractions with ease.

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Where to explore?

It's got lively cities and snow-capped mountains - you can even see the Northern Lights. So where will you go in Sweden? 

It's the call of the cities that most visitors heed. The capital of Stockholm, in the south-east of Sweden, is an enchanting destination. Perching on 14 islands, the inner city is a joyful jumble of cobbled streets, buildings kinked by time and Gothic churches, particularly in and around the Old Town on Gamla Stan. Visit during the festive period and your levels of Christmas cheer will go through the roof as you shop at market stalls, nibble tasty bites and sip warming mulled wine amid the charms of the historic core of Stockholm.

The west-coast city of Gothenburg gets people talking too, especially those with a taste for fine foods. Car hire in Gothenburg is ideal for visitors keen to see more of this wild and wonderful coastline.

There are also many cultural highlights in Malmö, which is located close to the southern tip of Sweden and connected to Denmark by the Oresund Bridge.

You can also book car hire in Gotland, a large island off the east coast, where medieval architecture and Viking tales meet swathes of untouched land and empty beaches.

In northern Sweden and Swedish Lapland the sight of humans and buildings becomes a rare thing. Adventure holidays are perfect in this barren, snow-sprinkled terrain, where the chance to see the Northern Lights draws travellers during winter. It becomes the land of the Midnight Sun during summer, when the horizon fails to gobble up the sun even in the small hours. Golfers can take the rare opportunity to play a round in the middle of the night - no floodlights required.

With hotels made of ice, rooms in treehouses, and even boat hotels in Stockholm, there is no shortage of interesting places to stay in Sweden and certainly no lack of memorable holiday experiences. Book car rental in Sweden and see this magnetic nation your way.