Lifegaurd tower and palm trees on sunny florida beach

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The Sunshine State of Florida is a playground for kids of all ages: there are squeals of delight at the theme parks; dreamy naps in the sunshine on miles of beaches; tales of space exploration; teeth-gnashing wildlife in the Everglades; and partying and the glory of Art Deco in Miami.

Why go?

Car hire in Florida is by far the best way to explore this popular holiday state. Driving is a very straightforward affair in Florida too, with extremely wide highways and acres of parking...

Interstates 4, 75 and 95 (also known as I-4, I-75 and I-95) connect the state up well and are the main, and fast, routes.

In Florida, car hire will also come in useful to explore further afield or if you are arriving at other popular destinations such as Miami (Miami International Airport - MIA) and Tampa (Tampa International Airport - TPA).

On the west coast, Tampa Bay and its beautiful beaches host 335 acres of fun in the form of Busch Gardens. Treasure Island, which claims to have the largest white sand beach on the Gulf Coast, can also be found in the Tampa Bay region.

Where to explore?

International Drive is the main drag in Orlando where you'll find the attractions, plus hotels, restaurants and huge shopping malls. Don't be fooled by the fact it's just one street, International Drive (also known as I-Drive) is more than 11 miles long...

Reaching your hotel or villa in Orlando is easy, with two airports - Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) - serving the region.

Daytona Beach and Kennedy Space Center can be found a short distance away north and east of Orlando and are easily reached for day trips with four wheels at your disposal.

Holidays - or “vacations” if you want to fit in with the locals - are also popular in nearby Clearwater and car hire is definitely a bonus on the west coast.

Worth discovering in the south are Naples, Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, the Everglades National Park and its famous crocodile and alligator residents, Art Deco architecture and a thriving party scene in Miami, and the Florida Keys, which dot the ocean off the south coast and are connected via Route 1.

Top tips for driving in Florida

When hiring a car abroad, it's important to become familiar with a few rules of the road before you set off. Here are some to keep in mind...

• Driving is on the right in Florida.
• Rain is not an uncommon occurrence in the Sunshine State. Law requires headlights to be used when driving in the rain.
• A 'stop' sign in America really does mean stop and officials are quick to enforce the law. Always stop when you see that famous red sign. 
• You must also stop for school buses that have come to a halt. Red lights will flash so you know to stop.
• Turning right on a red traffic light is permitted after you have checked the way is clear by coming to a stop, and there are no signs stating otherwise.
• Be prepared to buy gas and not petrol when filling up your hire car, and to buy it in gallons, not litres.
• American cars tend to be bigger than those in the UK and are generally automatic, so ask for help before driving away if you aren't familiar with your car type.
• To find the best price on car hire in Florida, use the TravelSupermarket price checker to compare prices now. Pre-booking is strongly advised and can save money on walk-up prices.