Coastal view of Algeria

Boasting a wealth of cultural places of interest, including the Bardo Museum, Palais de Rais and the Museum of Art, the North African country of Algeria has much to offer.

With some stunning architecture and breath-taking landscapes such as the Jardin d`Essai and Sahara Desert, there's enough to keep even the experienced traveller occupied.

Famed as the world's largest hot desert, the Sahara covers over four-fifths of Algeria and stretches from the Red Sea to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It has even been known to snow in the Sahara, although the snow tends to last only a few hours.

Algeria flights arrive at Hoari Boumediene Airport (ALG), which is situated in Dar El Beida. Visitors can then travel to places such the Dar Hassan Pacha to see its delicately created wall tiles and ornate plasterwork. Other attractions include the 15m high minaret of the Djemaa el-Kebir and the historic Citadel and its surrounding port. On the north side of Algiers towards the Bay of Algiers is Notre Dame D`Afrique, with its sculptured architecture and unique design. You could also choose to visit the Grande Poste, where you can view an elaborate piece of classic design and architecture.

Why not extend your journey and take a trip to the Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque and hire a car. This mosque is around three hundred and fifty years old and is built in a range of different architectural styles. For further insight into the culture and history of this country, you can visit the Musee National du Moudjahid, the Museum of Antiquities and the Makam Echahid monument.

With so many things to see and experience, from religious sites and historic architecture to breath-taking geological formations and picturesque gardens, Algeria is a unique and multi-faceted travel destination.

Before planning your journey, please check the FCO advice on travel to Algeria and especially areas where Britons might be advised not to go.

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