The Passerelle Sidi-M'Cid Bridge, Algeria

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Boasting a wealth of cultural places of interest, including the Bardo Museum, Palais de Rais and the Museum of Art, the North African country of Algeria has much to offer.

Why go?

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With stunning architecture and breathtaking landscapes such as the Jardin d'Essai and Sahara Desert, there's enough to keep even the experienced traveller occupied.

Famed as the world's largest hot desert, the Sahara covers more than four-fifths of Algeria and stretches from the Red Sea to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It's even been known to snow in the Sahara, although the snow tends to last only a few hours.

Many Algeria flights arrive at Houari Boumediene Airport (ALG), also known as Algiers Airport, in Dar El Beida. Visitors can then travel to places such the Dar Hassan Pacha to see its delicately created wall tiles and ornate plasterwork. Other attractions include the 15-metre high minaret of the Djemaa el-Kebir and the historic Citadel and its surrounding port. On the north side of Algiers towards the Bay of Algiers is Notre Dame D'Afrique, with its sculptured architecture and unique design. You could also choose to visit the Grande Poste, where you can view an elaborate piece of classic design and architecture.

Why not extend your journey and take a trip to the Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque and hire a car? This mosque is around 350 years old and is built in a range of different architectural styles. For further insight into the culture and history of this country, you can visit the Musée National du Moudjahid, the Museum of Antiquities and the Makam Echahid monument.

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How to get there

The Algerian capital of Algiers is the major gateway to the country from the UK...

Air Algérie and British Airways fly from Heathrow and Gatwick, with flights taking less than three hours non-stop and operating daily. One-stop services via Paris with Air France, Rome with Alitalia, Madrid with Iberia and Frankfurt with Lufthansa are alternatives.

Oran is also a major gateway, with flights to the city taking upwards of around four hours with multiple carriers via Toulouse, Marseilles and Paris.

Getting to and from the airport

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Book a flight to Algeria and you'll land at one of two airports. Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport  serves the bustling capital, and Es-Sénia - Ben Bella Airport (ORN), also known as Oran Airport, is close to the coastal city of Oran, some 265 miles west of Algiers along the Mediterranean shoreline.

The centre of Algiers is 20 minutes from Houari Boumediene Airport  by road. Taxis are always on standby at the airport and can usually have you at your city-centre hotel within half an hour. During morning and evening rush hour the heavy traffic of Algiers can string out this journey by up to an hour. You can expect to pay around 1,000 Algerian dinars (about £7.50) for a taxi ride.

Bus services run every 30 minutes from the airport, with a journey costing less than £1 (have small local currency available to pay the driver).
Car hire is available for collection at Algiers airport. Prebook your vehicle to find the biggest savings and arrange to collect your car as soon as you arrive.

To get into Oran from Es-Senia airport, you can use the local bus services or hop in a taxi. It's a 15-minute journey by road.

Where to stay

Where will you stay when you arrive in Algeria? Here's our guide to the main tourist centres and hotels...

With so many things to see and experience, from religious sites and historic architecture to breathtaking geological formations and picturesque gardens, Algeria is a unique and multi-faceted travel destination.

Algiers is the main centre of tourism in Algeria. Here you'll find big-brand hotels from the likes of Hilton, Sofitel and Sheraton, as well as plenty of African brands and independently run four- and five-star hotels. The best luxury hotels offer amenities such as swimming pools, sea views and great restaurants.

Budget and mid-range rooms are also available; expect facilities to be basic. Some visitors complain that, across the hotel range, rooms and service aren't up to international standards, though you can afford to spend a little extra on another star here.

In Oran visitors can also check in at international chain hotels, as well as independently run places.

If you get the opportunity to stay in a Saharan village - or to see anywhere outside of the cities - don't miss the chance to discover Algeria. Guided tours are widely available and can make more sense than going it alone.

Before planning your journey, please check the FCO advice on travel to Algeria and especially areas where Britons might be advised not to go.

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