Make travelling with kids child's play

If your child has never flown before, it might be worth picking shorter flights for your first holiday as a family. And don't forget to take into account what you already know about your child's normal behaviour - sitting still for a long time is tough even for an adult!

  • Do some research to find out what your airline offers for families.
  • Pack your child's favourite toy plus a treat to distract them if necessary.
  • Don't forget that you can take enough baby milk and food for the journey but you may be asked to try some at security. 
  • Bring a change of clothes for you and your kids... just in case!
  • Pack some snacks to prevent bad moods when the kids get hungry - but avoid anything too sticky. 
  • Be organised so you can stay relaxed and engaged with your children - stress and rushing around is no fun for anyone.
  • Put a piece of paper with your mobile number on it in the pocket of small children.
  • While waiting for your flight, use the time to let your kids burn some energy. 
  • If you can, wait until you are in the air to feed your children as eating is a good distraction for them.
  • Have a bottle or boiled sweets ready for take-off and landing to minimise the effect of cabin pressure.

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