Relax by the poolside in Larnaca

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Larnaca is one of Cyprus's oldest cities and it is believed to date back more than 6,000 years. Because of this, it has some incredible historical and cultural sites which simply have to be seen during a visit. .

Why go?

Besides the excellent Cypriot weather, Larnaca offers superb shopping, sailing and of course, sunbathing...

From the beauty of St Lazarus Church to the calming ambience of the Stravrouvouni monastery, there's an incredible amount to see and admire in this city. There are flights to Larnaca, Cyprus available all year round and provided you book in advance, they are very reasonably priced.

Once you arrive, you're just minutes away from the beauty of the Cypriot Coastline and can head straight to the beach if you wish. The city has several Blue Flag beaches where you can go swimming, kite surfing and windsurfing, or just lounge about underneath the blue skies. The four most popular beaches are Mackenzie, Castella, Yanathes and Phinikoudes.

Larnaca flights are often filled with those who want their holiday to have it all. They will find fine dining in the many restaurants which line the promenade, chic bars and nightclubs all across the city and plenty of culture too. They can visit the traditional villages of Lefkara and Kiti, wander through the beautiful mosque of Hala Sultan Tekkesi or admire the imposing statue of Zeno. Bird watchers will enjoy the salt lake, where there many different species to see.

How to get there

Flights to Larnaca are available year round, especially in the summer months when great bargains can be had if you price compare...

Larnaca flights will land at Larnaca International Airport (LCA).

A flight to Larnaca will take approximately four hours from the UK. The most popular months of the year in which to visit the city are July and August, when the weather is hot and dry.

However if you want to avoid the crowds or are simply on a budget, you can also take a trip to this city during the winter time, when the weather is cooler but still pleasantly warm, the flights are slightly cheaper and the crowds are smaller.

Getting to and from the airport

As a popular holiday destination, Larnaca Airport is serviced well with public transport and taxis...

Larnaca Airport is about six kilometres east of the city and it will take about 15 minutes by shuttle bus or taxi to reach the city centre.

Remember bus services often stop operating after midnight and taxi hire may be essential, so be sure to budget for it if a free transfer is not included in your holiday or flight.

Where to stay?

A popular choice for British holidaymakers, Larnaca is a great location with some truly Cypriot charm and hospitality to be enjoyed...

For Cyprus lovers, Larnaca is a firm favourite. The fantastic beaches along its coast offer a safe and scenic place to stay for families and couples especially.

The city itself is busy, but not overwhelming, and this may be a good location for those wanting a central but lively base. It offers a good range of hotels - from budget to smart four-star options.

There are several beaches lining the coast of Larnaca, starting at the city's central promenade and heading north to the Larnaca Bay area and south to the cape at Kiti. 

A great range of apartment rentals, villas and excellent spa and sports resorts are available all along this stretch. Most popular, however, remains Finikoudes - the main beach in Larnaca, backed by the central coastal promenade lined with hotels, shops, bars and restaurants.

Around 2.5km south of Larnaca centre and at the end of the airport runway is the popular McKenzie Beach. The beach is quite narrow though so may not be ideal for those who love to spend the day on the sands, but it does have a wide promenade lined with hotels, shops, bars and restaurants - it is often favoured by families with young children and older travellers.

Faros Beach, close to the village of Pevolia, is considered a very safe part of the coast due its rock barriers and is really good for young families too. There is ample accommodation on offer, including all-inclusive hotels and rentals.