Destinations in Czech Republic

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  1. Flights to Prague

Flights to the Czech Republic have soared in popularity with British tourists in recent years. The beautiful, historic city of Prague has become the sixth most-visited city in Europe as tourists flock to see the famous old town square and stunning architecture. Prague is also renowned for offering great value-for-money and a vibrant nightlife, making it popular with young people who head to the city's bars and clubs.

Cheap flights to the Czech Republic are easy to come by...

However, there's more to the Czech Republic than Prague. Other places worth a visit include Brno, home of the Moto GP Grand Prix, the vineyards of Novoseldy, the vibrant university town of Olomuoc, the old villages of Moravia and the popular mountain and spa regions. Cheap flights to the Czech Republic are easy to come by. Flights take around two-three hours from the UK with international airports in both Prague and Brno.

Horse and carriage outside beautiful building in the Czech Republic

Peak season
The best time to catch Czech Republic flights is during the high seasons of May or September when the weather is at its best and the crowds are sparse. It gets busier in July and August when the hostels are packed with students. However, if it is the galleries, museums and castles that you want to see, you may have to travel during the peak season as many of them only open during the summer period.
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Off season
In winter you can pick up cheap flights to the Czech Republic but snowfall tends to be heavy so it's best for those who want to enjoy the area's skiing or hiking options. In April and October prices are cheaper because the weather is chillier and you also have the benefit of smaller crowds.