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Paderborn is a German city famous for its churches and its industry. With a central location, it also makes a good place from which to base a wider exploration of Germany. Fly to Paderborn and unlock the area's many treasures.

Why go?

Visitors come here to spot the famous cathedral, while there are also Carolingian palaces, industrial museums and fine old fortresses...

The central German city of Paderborn is located where the Pader River is born, some 20 miles east of its neighbouring city of Lippstadt. Situated in the state of North Rhine and Westphalia, it has a population of just over 144,000. Visitors to the city use flights to Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport (PAD), a hub dominated by the Air Berlin company.

The North Rhine and Westphalia region has an industrial past and was once known as the land of coal and steel. While this heavy industry has declined in recent years, the city remains a centre for the IT industry, with companies such as Wincor Nixdorf based there. There is also still a reasonable amount of manufacturing and engineering work going on. The town has a significant British Army presence, dating from the days of the cold war.

The so-called Adam and Eve House is another building worth visiting. This is located in a street spared from Allied bombing during World War Two. Its elaborate wood carvings, telling the story of Adam and Eve, and its traditional half-timbered structure are a lovely reminder of old Germany for those who take Paderborn flights.

There are many fine churches in the city, but two in particular are worth visiting. St Bartholomew's Chapel was built in the first quarter of the 11th century and its slender columns, dome vaults and three naves of equal height make it unique north of the Alps. There are persistent rumours that Greek builders were used in its construction, though historians dispute this version of events.

The main church in the town is the Dom or Cathedral. Built between the 11th and 16th centuries, it contains the Window of the Three Hares - an emblem of the city. There is also the Chapel of the Victims of World War Two, an often neglected shrine decorated with Agnes Mann mosaics from the 1960s.

How to get there

Paderborn Lippstadt airport has no direct flights from the UK but it can be reached on connecting flights...

Lufthansa has connections via Frankfurt and Munich, with departures from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Edinburgh. Flights take around three to four hours.

Getting to and from the airport

Flights to Paderborn position you within easy reach of the city and the wider North Rhine region...

A flight to Paderborn puts you just a 30-minute drive from this central German city, and transport links between Paderborn and Padderborn-Lippstdadt Airport are excellent.

An express bus service operates 11 times a day for €9 (£7) per person. It runs hourly from 5.30am to 10.52pm, Monday to Friday, then every two hours at weekends and public holidays. The express buses are also equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Several taxi companies operate from the airport. A typical fare into the city would cost around €12.

The local road network, as you'll experience almost anywhere in Germany, is excellent. Car hire could be a handy option. You'll find a handful of car rental companies at the airport - take advantage of instant access to your own transport to explore the wider region.

Where to stay?

If you're looking for a taste of the heart of Germany then here, in the northern Rhine region, you've found the right place...

Like many German cities, Paderborn is located within accessible reach of the countryside, being close to the inspiring mountain ranges of central Germany. There are also green spaces within the city itself. One of the most inspiring places to visit in the city is the 16th-century Neuhaus Castle, once the seat of government for the prince-bishops of the region. It continued in military use up until the mid-20th century.

The picturesque city of Paderborn is dominated by medieval architecture and many of its central hotels can be found in these delightful old buildings. Close to the city centre you'll find boutique hotels near to the restaurants and bars that make this little-known destination such a delight.

Luxury hotels - mostly independent, but with a few well-known names - are clustered to the north of the city in places such as Elsen and Bad Lippspringe. A number of them also contain spa retreats.

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