Perfect waters of Mytilene

Mytilene is located on the south east edge of the island of Lesbos in the eastern Aegean Sea and is its capital. The island of Lesbos is one of the quieter Greek islands and has remained largely undiscovered by tourists meaning it has retained a reputation for being quiet and sleepy. Molivos is one of the main attractions for tourists, the other main destination being the stunning beaches of Eressos.

The island of Lesbos is home to many archaeological remains such as those to be found at Gattilusi Castle in Molyvos which is built on ancient Byzantine and Ottoman ruins. Other attractions include the Eftalou hot springs as well as the Petrified Forest located between Eressos and Sigri and the beach at Vatera, which is one of the longest in Greece.

The island also hosts the annual International Women's Festival, having been home to Saphho, the ancient Greek women's poet. The island of Lesbos also boasts some of the best food and drink in the whole of Greece. Plomari on the south coast is the home of Ouzo and there are many restaurants across the island serving traditional Greek dishes, particularly seafood and dishes made with sardines.

During the summer months it is possible to get a direct non-stop flight to Lesbos into Mytilene International Airport (MJT), however visitors wanting Mytilene flights in the winter months will need to fly in via Athens.

There is a good network of local buses on the island which run between the bigger villages and taxis are available for transfers from the airport into the town as well as for excursions and emergencies. The best way to see the island is by hiring a car but there are also some good hiking routes available between villages.

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