Beautiful view of Lindos bay in Rhodes on a sunny day

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Rhodes flights land you on the largest island in the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea.  With a rich and diverse history, clear blue seas backed by perfect sandy beaches and warm hospitality, even the Greeks choose this beautiful island as a top holiday destination.

Why go?

Holidays to Rhodes offer a getaway where you can combine flopping on the beach with visiting ancient sites, enjoying scrumptious cuisine, and exploring the rest of the island...

The island of Rhodes shows signs of civilization dating back as far as 1700 BC. Amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Lalyssos to the north there are signs of occupation from the Minoans and the Mycenaeans.

 In the 14th century the island was under the control of the Knights of St John who built the impressive medieval fortress which now lies at the heart of the town of Rhodes to the north of the island. They fortified the city according to the European style familiar to them and these fortifications subsequently held out against invasion by the Ottoman Empire until the early 16th century.

Today the distinctly European flavour of many of the buildings in the Old Town is still much in evidence. The Muslim invaders proceeded to celebrate their victory by building an impressive mosque. The Suleiman Mosque was rebuilt in the 19th century using the original materials and is famous for its distinctive courtyard setting, pink colouring and leaning minaret.

When all the sightseeing and history starts to get a little too overwhelming, there is a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and tavernas in the Old Town where you can relax with a drink whilst planning your next stop. Will it be a trip to the village of Asklipios to view the Byzantine wall paintings or will it be a visit to the beach at Kolymbia, reached through an avenue of tall eucalyptus trees? The island of Rhodes has a wealth of sights and treasures just waiting for you to discover them.

Try a drive along the coastal road which encircles the entire island and explore the dramatic southern coastline and fabulous deserted beaches in the South West. Inland there are hills and mountains dotted with remnants of earlier civilizations and spectacular viewpoints. Close to the centre of the island is the Acropolis of Rhodes, home to the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and of a theatre.

The picturesque town of Lindos on the eastern side of the island is also home to an acropolis. This site has been fortified over the centuries by successive invaders making it difficult to unearth its complex history. There are signs of building by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Knights of St John and the Ottomans, but parts of the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia are clearly visible.

How to get there

Flights to Rhodes from the UK are fairly straightforward. Find out the best way for you to get there...

During the summer months, flights to Rhodes (RHO) are available from a range of UK regional airports.

Outside the British summer season flights are via Athens, but this doesn't mean that the island experiences less sunshine at these times. Rhodes is famous for having beautiful sunny days all year long making it the perfect holiday destination even outside the traditional season.

Getting to and from the airport

The airport is situated just a 20-minute drive south west of the city of Rhodes. Find out your travel options for your onward journey...

Several buses a day run from the airport to the city and there is a plentiful supply of taxis, but car hire is a practical option with several companies vying for business. It is particularly useful to hire a car if you are travelling on to one of the many resorts such as Ixia, Trianda, Faliraki, Afandou, Pefkos, Lardos, Kamiras or Petaloudes. Although a bus service is available that serves the resorts and villages of the island, having a car allows you the freedom to explore the island at your convenience.

Where to stay?

As the largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes has a selection of options for your stay. But where should you choose?

The island offers something for everyone, so it's important you do your research to discover where exactly would be the best place for your stay.

If you're looking to flop on the beach all day and party all night, a resort like Faliraki should tick all the boxes. Bar Street and Club Street with their numerous nightspots should give you more than enough selection for the entirety of your holiday!

Traditional Lindos is a beautiful whitewashed town which retains a timeless Greek feel. Rooftop eateries, bars and shops abound, and it is here that you can also visit the fifth century Acropolis at the top of a hill. Marvel at the imposing ancient architecture that stands at the top of the hill overlooking the town below.

Nearby Pefkos is a quieter option boasting a stunning beach, restaurants and bars and a laidback pace.

Rhodes Town is another option for those looking for a destination with a historic feel - and as the oldest medieval town in Europe you won't go far wrong choosing here for your stay. The ancient wall which surrounds the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and in the evening you will be able to enjoy traditional Greek food in one of the many tavernas.

If you're a sporty type and looking to try out some watersports on holiday, Kalithea and Prasonisi on the west coast offer surfing, scuba diving and jet-skiing.

There are numerous other options for your stay on Rhodes in areas such as Trianda, Petaloudes, Haraki, Ixia and Kremasti. With so much selection it will be easy for you to find the right type of accommodation at the right price.