A harbour along the coastline of the wooded Honduras

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Known historically for its banana trade, Honduras is popular these days for its pristine beaches and tropical palms, along with its national parks and world-renowned diving spots around the islands of Roatan and Utila.

Why go?

The Republic Of Honduras in Central America is growing into a thriving and exciting tourist destination...

Flights to Honduras are frequent and a number of options are available.

Essential spots to explore include the Jeanette Kawas National Park, home to Howler Monkeys, and Lago de Yojoa, a huge natural lake with hundreds of species of tropical birds and fish, a perfect location to explore by boat around its many breathtaking waterfalls. These areas are perfect for day trips, enjoying the spectacular scenery, wildlife and friendly vibe. Obviously some time will also be spent on the clean white sand beaches that can be found across the country.

For those who wish to fully explore the history of Honduras, a trip to the city of Comayagua is highly recommended. It is home to some of the most impressive colonial Spanish buildings on the island. Similarly, the area known as Trujillo has historical significance. Surrounded by national park land, Trujillo was the last place Christopher Columbus stopped on his last trip to the Americas. The area was also known as a former favourite spot for pirates and still has signs of sea defences along the coast from the days when the Spanish held fort there.

For history of the much more ancient kind you must visit the Copan Ruins, a one of a kind archaeological site, featuring carvings, statues and decorations that date back thousands of years. Likewise a visit to the caves in Cuyamel is highly recommended. You'll need to book a guide, but this is a fascinating trip through the old Mayan trade routes.

Water sports such as scuba diving and rafting are some of the most popular reasons for travelling to Honduras. The islands of Utila and Roatan are great diving spots with coral reefs to be explored, while the Cangrejal River is perfect for a wild day of rafting.

Honduras flights can be made from a number of major UK airports, landing in one of the four airports on Honduras. The flight takes around 11 hours, non-stop. Find cheap flights to Honduras by using TravelSupermarket's price-comparison tool.

How to get there

Honduras has no direct flights from the UK, so travellers wanting to reach this country need to connect for an onward flight...

Most travellers will arrive in the capital Tegucigalpa via stops in the USA. American Airlines via Miami, Delta via Atlanta and United via Houston are the obvious options. Flights outbound may require an overnight stop on the way out to Honduras, however total flying time is around 15 hours with the layover.

Iberia is the only European carrier with connections via Madrid with touch downs in Guatemala City and/or San José.

Getting to and from the airport

Find out how to get to and from the airport once you've touched down in the heat of Honduras...

If you're considering a flight to Honduras you'll discover that many visitors from the UK arrive at Toncontin International Airport (TGU) in Tegucigalpa. You can fly into San Pedro Sula (SAP) or Tegucigalpa or, if you plan to meet a cruise ship straight away, Roatan (RTB) is probably your best option. Cruises often depart from La Ceiba as well.

Taxis in Honduras are cheap and reliable, making them the easiest option to travel from the airports to your hotel. Buses cover most areas also and are even cheaper. Once in Honduras, travel by taxi or bus to the most popular destinations is simple.

Car hire is also widely available in Honduras.

Where to stay?

Wedged between Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, Honduras offers an authentic taste of Central America...

Honduras couldn't have remained undiscovered by mass tourism forever. Everywhere you look here you'll find evidence of an emerging confidence on the world's holiday radar. There's political unrest, of course, and Honduras has its fair share of other issues to deal with, particularly in the big cities, but in the national parks and at the beaches you'll be given a warm welcome by chilled-out Hondurans.

In the capital of Tegucigalpa there's a wide range of hotels and a few city sights, but most holidaymakers are dreaming of beach-side hotels within steps of those famous snow-white sands. The Bay Islands are located off the northern shores of Honduras, where the turquoise seas of the Caribbean gently fold on to picture-perfect beaches. Book hotels in Utila, Roatan, Cayos Cochinos or Guanaja and savour the irresistible taste of island life.

On the north coast of Honduras, the beaches of Trujillo and Punta Sal also lure visitors looking for a sand-based dream break.

Many hotels in Honduras can also be booked in the lovely colonial village of Comayagua, which is only an hour from the capital, and close to the ancient Mayan site at Copan, located in the west of Honduras.

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