Boats in the Maltese Sea

Gozo is a small island just to the west of Malta and is part of that small Mediterranean nation. An island with pre-historic temples and ancient churches, enigmatic caves and beautiful beach retreats, Gozo is a Maltese gem.

The best way of reaching Gozo from the United Kingdom is to fly into Malta MLA. Once there, you can travel on to Gozo using the ferry. More adventurous travellers may like to head to Gozo in a helicopter or sea plane, both of which are used to connect with Gozo from the Maltese mainland. There are some lovely hotels on the island which offer cracking hospitality, just what you would expect from a Mediterranean island. Farm houses offer another form of accommodation, providing a great base from which to explore the charms and attractions of the island.

History enthusiasts who take Gozo flights will definitely want to visit the Gigantija Temples. These are some of the oldest free standing buildings in the world, as well as being some of the most ancient religious structures known to mankind, dating from the Neolithic Stone Age. Many interesting churches are dotted across the island too, with perhaps the most famous of these churches being the Ta`pinu Church. This dates back to at least the Middle Ages and offers visitors some marvellous views.Rock formations in Gozo, Malta

Another place for great views is at the top of the Ta Cenc Cliffs, a location which also appeal to any bird watchers who have taken flights to Gozo, as thousands of birds such as shearwaters flock there at certain times of year. Another sport on the shoreline that you will enjoy is at Xlendi Bay. Located just three kilometres from Victoria, the capital of Gozo, it is a great place to swim in clear blue oceans or to enjoy the view from the beach, as well as take part in local festivals. Another great place for views is the Azure Window, on the west of the island. This rock formation forms a natural 'window' out onto the ocean.

Many scholars believe that Gozo is the island of Ogygia, from Homer's 'Odyssey', where the nymph Calypso imprisoned Odysseus for seven years. You can see Calypso Cave, the supposed location for this famous event in classical literature. If you fancy exploring a wider area, then there are regular ferries back across to Malta, where you can enjoy the beach life that that golden island offers or why not hire a car and explore the island. Compare the price of hotels in Gozo using Travelsupermarket`s tool and save money by booking in advance.