A golden beach along the coast of Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad is the birthplace of calypso, and it inhabitants know how to party. Over in Tobago, rest and relaxation are more the order of the day.

Why go?

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The archipelago state of Trinidad and Tobago is made up of the two main islands and a number of smaller islands. You can discover pirate history with a visit to Gasparee Island or drive the beautiful scenic routes of the islands, beach-hopping along the way.

Airports are located on both main islands. Tobago ANR International (TAB) is situated in the south-west of the island and only eight miles from the capital, Scarborough. Most Trinidad and Tobago flights come into Piarco International Airport (POS) on Trinidad, which is around 30 minutes from the capital of Port of Spain. 

Port of Spain is the place to be in carnival season, when the calypso and soca sounds native to this country can be heard. The capital is also overlooked by Fort George, which was built in 1804 and offers great views of the surrounding areas.

Other highlights nearby include the Caroni Swamp and Maracas Bay. You can also go turtle watching at Matura Beach. Other places to visit include Pitch Lake, the world's largest deposit of asphalt, and Galera Point, which is in the very east of the island.

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How to get there

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British Airways and Virgin Atlantic fly to the islands from London Gatwick, making the journey in around 11 hours with a touchdown en route on another Caribbean island, such as St Lucia or Barbados. Caribbean Airlines also flies directly from Gatwick to the islands.

On days without direct flights, you can reach the islands on non-stop flights via Barbados. Alternatively, you can fly via the USA with the big US airlines, connecting in cities including New York, Atlanta and Miami.

Getting to and from the airport

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If you're flying into the island of Tobago, there are various ways of getting from the airport to the glorious beach resorts. Most of the resorts and hotels are located within 15 minutes of the airport, and many offer a transfer service. However, there are also plenty of taxis and an hourly bus into Scarborough.

Alternatively, you could hire a car and explore the island at your leisure. There are scenic coastal drives and beautiful beaches around every corner on Tobago.

If you touch down in Trinidad, the capital city, Port of Spain, can be reached in less than 30 minutes in a hire car. A regular bus also takes visitors to the city.

Where to stay?

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Trinidad, the larger of the two islands, has a fantastic selection of hotels. This is luxury-break territory and you can expect to check in at some of the finest four- and five-star hotel resorts in the Caribbean.

The north and north-eastern coastlines of Trinidad are peppered with hotels. The sweeping sands of Maracas Bay, in the north of the island, lure many holidaymakers. Matura Bay is over on the north-east coast and another popular holiday spot.

The capital, Port of Spain, also has plenty of good-value hotels.

The fine and dry weather between January and March sees the highest demand for hotels on the islands. Stay in Trinidad during February's carnival for an unforgettable look at the Caribbean, but book early to secure your room.

Chilling out on the island of Tobago is easy. From the soft sands to the rainforests, holidays here are spent on Tobago Time. A good range of hotels can be booked here, too, with plenty of luxury options as well as budget rooms. The amenities of Crown Point and Pigeon Point make the south-western tip of Tobago a magnet for visitors.

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