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Your holiday is your time to relax, unwind and to get away from it all, and is constantly working to help you make the right choices on all your holiday needs, including your flights, hotels, car hire and even your travel money. With ever-changing exchange rates and so many travel money options available finding the right travel currency can seem complicated. That's why we have compiled a currency glossary of terms to help you tackle any unknown jargon in the travel money world.

The "automated teller machine"  is more commonly known as the "hole in the wall". These electronic anchored machines can be found in a range of countries and will allow you to perform 24-hour basic banking operations, such as balance enquiries and cash withdrawals.

ATM/Cash withdrawal charges
The dreaded withdrawal charge is usually applied when you use a  card for taking out cash from an ATM, and applies to debit, credit and pre-paid cards while you're abroad.  You'll normally be charged a percentage of your withdrawal but the exact amount will depend on your provider.

Commission charges
This is a fee charged to convert your currency; they are also common with travellers' cheques. It's worth looking around at different companies, as some of them have 0% commission.

Credit cards
These can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash on credit and each cardholder will have been given an arranged limit. A credit card can be repaid either partly or in full at the end of a specific period, usually one month. Interest and fees are charged on outstanding payments and you will usually pay a higher rate of interest and a fee for withdrawing cash overseas.

Currency converter
Currency converters will give an estimated value of how much foreign currency you'll receive for your money. Be sure to check the exchange rate update time.

Currency exchange
Also known as foreign exchange, currency exchange is the sale or purchase of one currency with another.

Dynamic currency conversion
There are some retailers that offer to convert your overseas spending on your credit or debit card bill into your home currency for your convenience. This is known as dynamic currency conversion and it usually comes at a price. Many  retailers will charge a higher rate of interest if you want to be billed in your own currency. Be sure to ask to be billed in the local currency, as not all retailers will ask before you sign or enter you PIN.

Exchange rates
Also known as rates exchange, this is a foreign currency's value compared to your home currency's value. The best exchange rate means you get the most foreign currency for your home money.

Exchange rate calculator
Also known as a currency converter or foreign currency converter

Foreign currency
The legal tender that is used in another country that is not your own.

Foreign currency converter
Also known as exchange rate calculator or currency converter.

Foreign exchange
Also known as currency exchange

Handling fee
A charge applied by the retailer or seller to exchange your currency into their own.

Holiday money
Also known as travel money.

International exchange rate
Also known as exchange rate or rates exchange.

Loading fees
Typically around 2.75%, a loading charge is applied when a card converts your money into a foreign currency.

Prepaid cards
A prepaid card works a little like a prepaid phone card or gift card, crossed with a credit card. You can load your prepaid card with money  online, in some banks or at a participating retailer. You can then use your prepaid card like you would a credit or debit card for online or retail purchases. The biggest advantage to this kind of card is that you can never run into debt, you can only spend what you have loaded. They can also be much cheaper than credit or debit cards for overseas spending and are safer than carrying cash.

Spending charges
Fees for making purchases overseas.

The United Kingdom's currency.

Traveller's cheques
Traveller's cheques are considered to be a safer way of carrying and paying money abroad. The cheque is bought from a bank, building society or Post Office and would be signed on receipt. The cheque can then be used as payment for goods or services and you'll also receive change. The main advantage is that, if a cheque were to be stolen or lost, you can report it to the provider and it will replace it - just make sure you have the cheque number

Travel money
The cash you take to spend overseas, whether on a prepaid card, credit or a debit card, traveller's cheque or simply cash exchanged for foreign currency